• Bethany Carson

2017 Minutes

Chess Journalists of America Minutes of the Annual Workshop and Business Meeting

As the Secretary/Treasurer was not able to attend, Brandy Anderson took notes, which this report is based on.

The meeting once again followed the USCF Publications Meeting, which ran a little long this year. When the official CJA meeting began, the front table again had myself, Dan Lucas, and John Hartmann at the front table.  

We started with 2017 elections. The elections, all unanimous, were as follows:

  • President: Joshua M. Anderson

  • Vice President: Eric Vigil

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Capron

  • Editor: John Hartmann

  • Webmaster: Bethany Carson

A thank you was quickly given to all the judges, especially Franklin Campbell who was key in helping Bethany with all the computer work involved in the awards. A thank you was also paid to those using the Paypal account as this makes the banking easier.

The PDFs of old issues of The Chess Journalists have begun to be put up online. There is also a list of issues that are missing from the White Collection in Cleveland that has been placed on line.

John then spoke about the development of a current issues of The Chess Journalist. This led to a discussion about whether addresses should be published in The Chess Journalist as is laid out in the Constitution. It was decided that address would be defined as to include email addresses and this way addresses could be published so journalists could be reached, but also keep each person's physical address private.

Discussion of bringing Jennifer Vallens on as new Outreach Committee Chair was well received, but was not voted on until after the event by the board. She has now become the Outreach Committee Chair.

I then reported on the beginning of the Interview / Oral History page which the board had been discussing before the event. This project will basically help with recordings of the experiences of chess players from the 1930s to present. The website, which has plenty of space, will be able to hold both a recording of the conversation and a pdf of the interview, in case the interview is hard to distinguish.

The board was informed of and expressed condolences over the passing of Mrs. Don Schultz and the illness of Don Schultz.

The awards were briefly spoken of and it was explained that the splitting of the News and Features categories between print and online led to categories with fewer entries and so more Honorable Mentions. There was also a brief discussion, to be carried out more fully by the Awards committee, about an "Other / Special Chess Achievement" Award and finding a physical award to be given to the Chess Journalist of the Year and perhaps other categories.

After these items had been covered, we adjourned for the year. At which time, a few photos were taken and those can be seen below.

John Hartmann, Dan Lucas, Joshua Anderson, Eric Vigil

Attendees at the meeting.

Seated, Thad Rogers, Gary Manross (father) and Sean Manross are talking with Eric Vigil.

Joshua Anderson talks with John Hartmann, Al Lawrence (who is almost completely hidden by Pete Tamburro), Melinda Matthews, Pete Tamburro, Rachel Lieberman. Paul Covington (baseball cap) talks with Myron Lieberman

Myron Lieberman (sitting), Paul Covington and Dan Lucas talking, Rachel Lieberman paying dues to Joshua Anderson, while Pete Tamburro, Al Lawrence, and Melinda Matthews wait in line

John Hartmann, Pete Tamburro and Melinda Matthews.

Dan Lucas, Joshua Anderson, John Hartmann