• Bethany Carson

2016 Minutes

Updated: Dec 11, 2017

2016 CJA Annual Meeting – President’s View

              As the Secretary/Treasurer was not able to attend the annual meeting, there are no official meeting minutes.  I will again write up a report to let everyone have a basic idea of what was done at the meeting.  Again, like last year, do not consider these official minutes in that I will occasionally be adding additional information in parentheses that would be inappropriate in meeting minutes. 

                The meeting once again followed the USCF Publications Meeting.  This year, the USCF component consisted of Dan Lucas introducing John Hartmann as chair of the Publications Committee and then the two of them mostly discussing the retitled, Chess Life Kids (which used to be called Chess Life for Kids.)

                When the official CJA meeting began, the front table had myself, Dan Lucas, and John Hartmann at the front table.  Hartmann was quickly voted in as the new editor of The Chess Journalist.  We would later unanimously elect Mark Capron as Vice – President.

           I then briefly described the handout that I had passed out.   This hand out had a review of the 2015 awards, a humorous anecdote about my being Chief Coordinating Judge, a letter describing what I had done in the past year as President, and a list of the 2016 award winners.  Parts of this hand out may eventually, with some editing, be used in The Chess Journalist, though that is entirely up to Hartmann.

           The awards were then read and I gave a brief comment about each category.  The lengthiest of these dealt with the award for Best Tournament Report, which had a record 15 entries.  There were questions about whether the voting would work for such a large category and I discussed having checked with one of our judges, who is a mathematician and who assured me that the scoring for such a large category would work fine.

              The Chess Trust project concerning interviewing older chess players was brought up.  Harold Winston spoke briefly on the subject and again I voiced an interest in seeing if there was a way the CJA could help the Chess Trust with this endeavor.  Frank Niro then explained that he already had some work on Harold Dondis and I hope that other CJA members will be able to help with this project as well.

              I also addressed my recent trip to the White Collection in Cleveland where it was learned that the White Collection does not have all the past issues of The Chess Journalist.  I explained that I had made PDFs of what the White Collection does have and that we will begin working on trying to put those on-line (we have later realized that I didn’t save them properly, so it will take a bit of editing before we can get those up.)  There was also discussion about who might have the older issues and what we would like to see in future issues, now that we have a new editor.

              We concluded with a few photos, some of which can be seen below

-- Joshua Anderson, CJA President

(l to r) Joshua Anderson, Dan Lucas, Al Lawrence, John Hartmann, Pete Karagianis

Dan Lucas (USChess Director of Publications & Editor of Chess Life)

holding up copy of Chess Life Kids

(l to r) Dan Lucas, Joshua Anderson, John Hartmann

Joshua Anderson holding up prize winning (Best Chess Art - Honorable Mention)

Chess Life cover of Walter Browne

(l to r at table) John Hartmann, Joshua Anderson, Dan Lucas. In the crowd: Myron and Rachel Lieberman, Frank Niro, Harold Winston, Mark Capron

(l to r) Dan Lucas, Joshua Anderson, John Hartmann