• Bethany Carson

2009 Minutes

The annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America was held in Indianapolis, Indiana during the U. S. Open Championship. Following are the minutes of that meeting, held on August 7, 2009.

Minutes of 2009 Annual Meeting of CJA August 7, 2009

ANNUAL MEETING, August 7, 2009, Indianapolis, Indiana, 3:00pm

~20 members present

Randy Hough presiding on absence of President Jerry Hanken, who is hospitalized in Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles.

A moment of silence was held to remember the chess journalists who have died this year: Ira Lee Riddle, Nigel Eddis, Herman Chiu. Later it was added that Hugh Myers also died this year.

The votes for CJA officers were counted by the Elections chairman Tim Moroney and Larry Cohen, with help from Secretary/Treasurer Randy Hough, who opened the envelopes. The final counts were:

President Jerry Hanken – 14 votes – Elected    Write-ins:       Daniel Lucas – 2       Alexandra Kosteniuk – 1       Haywood Drutowski – 1

Vice-President Alexandra Kosteniuk – 21 - Elected

Secretary/Treasurer Ira Lee Riddle – 11 – Elected    Write-ins:       Daren Dillinger – 6       Lawrence Cohen – 1       Randy Hough – 2

During the vote counting the Awards Chairman Jonathan Hilton announced the winners of the annual CJA awards competition and distributed a list of the winners. The complete list of winners will be made available on the CJA web site. The Chess Journalist of the Year was won by Alexandra Kosteniuk. Don Schultz announced the Cramer Prize for Book of the Year.

Given that Ira Lee Riddle cannot serve because of his untimely death there was a discussion about who could fill this position. It was suggested by Randy Hough that a stipend of $25/month would make this position more attractive to people. The job description was discussed and some duties were described: get magazine printed, get mailing labels printed, mail magazine, take care of bank accounts, etc.

MOTION: $25 per month stipend be paid to the Membership Secretary, a position attached to the job of Secretary/Treasurer. Seconded and overwhelmingly passed.

The members pressed Randy Hough to continue as Secretary/Treasurer on a temporary basis while a search was conducted to find his replacement. He agreed to do so, but specified he would continue for a maximum of six months. (see later motion on this subject).

Macauley Peterson suggested that we should consider going to an electronic-only magazine and eliminate the printed version. Editor John Hillery mentioned some problems with this approach. There was a discussion about the purpose of the magazine. Myron Lieberman suggested that a printed magazine could be used to publicize CJA through distribution at events. The suggestion that the web site could have a members-only section of the web site was generally considered a bad idea.

MOTION: Appoint Randall Hough for up to six months to serve as temporary Secretary/Treasurer. Form a search committee to find a permanent person to fill this position.

Amendment to MOTION: CJA thanks Randall Hough for his years of service to CJA.

Motion as amended passed unanimously.

Jonathan Hilton and Stephen Dann volunteered to serve on the search committee.

There was additional discussion about whether or not to switch from a printed magazine to a PDF file. It was also suggested that we consider in general whether magazines should be available in electronic form only.

The Editor of The Chess Journalist invited letters to the editor for publication.

The Financial Reports (Financial Statement for the previous year, Planning Budget for the upcoming year) prepared by Randall Hough were distributed (and also were previously made available on the CJA web site). They were accepted by the members by unanimous vote.

Meeting was adjourned.

Randy Hough CJA Secretary/Treasurer