• Bethany Carson

2007 Minutes

The annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America was held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey during the U. S. Open Championship. Following are the minutes of that meeting, held on August 1, 2007.

Minutes of 2007 Annual Meeting of CJA August 1, 2007

ANNUAL MEETING, August 1, 2007, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Members present: included Stan Beckwith, Frank Berry, Jim Berry, Walter Brown, Joel Channing, Daren Dillinger, Bill Goichberg, Mike Goodall, Roger Gotschall, Jim Gray, Jerry Hanken, Randy Hough, Myron Lieberman, Rachel Lieberman, Daniel Lucas, Mike Nolan, Tim Redman, Ira Lee Riddle, Don Schultz, Jennifer Shahade, Pete Tamburro, Hal Terrie, and Ed Westing. Guests present included: Boris Baczynskyj, Gary Fine, and Sam Sloan.

President Hanken called the meeting to order at 10:05. After some confusion about room assignment was resolved, Tamburro (vote counter in Arlen Walker’s absence) and observers Hough and Riddle joined the meeting.

2006 minutes were approved.

President’s Report: Hanken noted that membership now stands at 145, including all USCF Executive Board members. He also pointed to the success of the outreach program.

Vice President Dillinger gave a brief report, attacking financial record keeping.

Secretary/Treasurer Hough reported a record current balance of $5854. The financial statement and budget as approved at the meeting are included in this magazine. The recent 54% increase in postage flat magazines mailed first class will make a mild dent in our finances.

Acting for the Election Committee, Tamburro reported the votes as follows: President: Hanken 33, Riddle (write-in) 14 Vice President: Riddle 39, Dillinger (write-in) 4, Hanken (write-in) 1 Secretary/Treasurer: Hough 34, Dillinger 14

The election results were approved without protest.

Tamburro presented the list of award winners (published elsewhere in this issue) and acknowledged the help of Rachel and Myron Lieberman. He reported on disagreement between CJA and the Cramer Committee regarding the Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists. A straw poll of those present favored the committee making nominations and CJA members selecting the honorees.

Dillinger’s motion regarding availability of financial records to members (amended to board members only) failed on a 5-6 vote.

A Bylaws Committee report regarding the Ethics Committee was accepted.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 am.

Randy Hough CJA Secretary/Treasurer