• Bethany Carson

2005 Minutes

The annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America was held in Phoenix, Arizona during the U. S. Open Championship. Following are the minutes of that meeting, held on August 10, 2005.

Minutes of 2005 Annual Meeting of CJA August 10, 2005

Present at the meeting were: Frank Berry, Jim Berry, Joel Channing, Gerry Dullea, Bill Goichberg, Mike Goodall, Roger Gotschall, James Gray, Jerry Hanken, Randy Hough, Myron Lieberman, Rachel Lieberman, Susan Polgar, Tim Redman, Don Schultz, Ken Sloan, Dave Small, Paul Truong, and Arlen Walker.

Secretary/Treasurer Hough presided in the absence of President Dan Lucas and Vice President Daren Dillinger. Lucas is not able to seek reelection. Hough reported a healthy financial balance of $5797, with some bills for the annual awards competition coming. However, membership remains stagnant at about 90, with donations and awards revenue accounting for the increased revenue.

Election of officers was the next order of business. Hanken and Dillinger were nominated for President, with Hanken elected on a 9-1 vote. Dillinger and Hough were unanimously reelected to their current positions.

Hanken spoke briefly, emphasizing his intention to increase membership and urging those non-members present to join and members to recruit others. Some of those present, including Susan Polgar and incoming USCF Executive Board members Channing and Goichberg, immediately joined. The concept of a broader magazine mailing to lapsed members and non-member state journalists elicited approval.

Comments on The Chess Journalist and the web page were generally positive, with some sentiment for cover pictures of worthy journalists and possibly slick stock for the cover at least. After further discussion of the necessity to promote the value of the organization, the meeting adjourned at 10:40.

Randy Hough CJA Secretary/Treasurer