• Bethany Carson

2002 Minutes

The annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America was held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey during the U. S. Open Championship. Following are the minutes of that meeting, held on August 1, 2002.

Minutes of 2002 Annual Meeting of CJA August 1, 2002

The Chess Journalists of America annual meeting was held August 1 during the U.S. Open in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Those present included President Peter Tamburro, Secretary/Treasurer Randy Hough, Lynn Conant, John Fernandez, Mike Goodall, Roger Gotschall, Jerry Hanken, Dan Heisman, Howard Hickman, John Hilbert, Tim Just, Peter Kurzdorfer, Daniel Lucas, Glenn Petersen, Tim Redman, Ira Lee Riddle, Denis Strenzwilk, and Helen Warren.

Tamburro, who served as Chief Judge of the annual awards competition, reported that there were over 200 entries. Over 20 members volunteered as judges; this information is listed on the website. Several certificates were presented personally. Dan Heisman was recognized for four awards, including three firsts. Tamburro stressed the importance of Honorable Mention awards in such a difficult competition.

Awards issues discussed included: definition of "under 1000 circulation"; desirability of including a letter of explanation for "most improved" entrants; who should get credit for cover/layout (consensus: just one certificate issued); catalogues (consensus: no); column (submission of three consecutives will no longer be required); failure to follow through on a prior mandate to include best website and best state website in the categories; and the fact that no press releases were submitted this year.

Yasser Seirawan was selected as Journalist of the Year. Don Schultz raised money to replace what was lost when the Cramer bequest was hijacked.

Hough reported approximately $4400 in the treasury. There was discussion of membership categories. Life memberships have traditionally been awarded to Journalist of the Year honorees. Riddle moved to delete any one percent cap on life members and enact a life membership category of 15 times the current annual rate. Passed 12-1-1. Tamburro mentioned that the webpage, maintained by Franklin Campbell, has received 5000 hits.

Hanken moved to thank Tamburro for outstanding service as Chief Judge. Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 11:05.

Respectfuly submitted, Randy Hough Secretary-Treasurer