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2001 Minutes

Minutes of 2001 Annual Meeting of CJA

The Chess Journalists of America held its annual meeting August 9 at the Framingham Sheraton. Those present included President Peter Tamburro, Secretary/Treasurer Randy Hough, Editor John Hillery, Jim Dubois, Mike Goodall, Roger Gottschall, Howard Gillespie, Elie Hsiao, Jim Jirousek, Tim Just, Peter Kurzdorfer, George Mirijanian, Tim Redman, Don Schultz, Sam Sloan, Doris Thackrey, Helen and Jim Warren, and Ed Westing. Tamburro announced the winners of the annual journalism awards (listed elsewhere). For the first time, the Journalist of the Year was selected in a vote of the membership.

Hough reported that the financial balance remains at approximately $3200. (This was subsequently augmented by $550 in donations through the patron program.)

Redman questioned the appropriateness of the CJ opinion piece which questioned Chess Life's timing and placement of an article by USCF Executive Board member Jim Pechac. He pointed out that articles by other Board members also appeared during the year. Kurzdorfer stated that he had been unaware of the possible political ramifications of running the piece just before election time and on a page proximate to the statements of the candidates, of whom Pechac was one. The discussion segued into one of the proper mission of the magazine and to what extent journalism can be divorced from politics.

Tamburro reported on the CJA website and the desire of Webmaster Franklin Campbell to expand it. Both the site and the magazine generated some favorable comments. There was some discussion of the contest categories, with Jirousek suggesting adding addresses and website adresses to the winners' list.

The possibility of a Patron program was brought up again and approved. $50 was set as a minimum, and four members responded.

Schultz discussed the controversy over Chess in the Schools (formerly American Chess Foundation)'s use of Fred Cramer's bequest. A decision will be made in October, and Schultz is hopeful that a portion of the bequest will continue to be available for non-scholastic chess (in particular, journalism awards).

Tamburro expressed thanks to all those who entered the annual contest, to the 21 volunteer judges, and to the Cramer Committee for allowing CJA to make the Journalist of the Year award this time. The following motion by Tamburro was approved: CJA authorizes the President to come to agreement with the Cramer Committee about combining award categories, with the Cramer Committee to bestow some awards solely.

Without dissent, President Peter Tamburro, vice President Selby Anderson, and Scretary/Treasurer were reelected to two-year terms. The following informational points were made:

* The demise of Chess Life's Yearbook function heightens the need to publicize state magazines.

* Chess has been positively mentioned in the Big Nate cartoons recently.

* The newspaper columns which Tamburro did under USCF auspices have been collected for a Dover paperback.

After almost an hour and a half of stimulating discussion, the meeting adjourned.

-- Randy Hough

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