• Bethany Carson

2000 Annual Meeting and Financial Statement

Minutes of 2000 Annual Meeting of CJA

Treasurer's Report for the annual meeting:8-1-99



interest: 77.31


contest entries:350.00



editor's fees, expenses:467.86


award certificates '99:267.45


contest postage '00:92.49

8-1-00 balance:$3209.66

Minutes from the Meeting:

Presided over by Pete Tamburro, President; Selby Anderson, Vice President.

Old Business:

The president noted that three goals we had set last year were accomplished.

  1. get winners to last year's CJA awards their awards before Jan. 1, 2000.

  2. get the magazine out on time; done thanks to John Hillery

  3. establish a website which was set up and is being maintained by J. Franklin Campbell

New Business:

  1. A report by Helen Warren, chief judge, on the CJA awards:

  2. a tremendous increase in entries, yet no contestants in 3 categories

  3. a reading of the winners; official list on our website

  4. Rules changes to the CJA contest

  5. a motion was passed to open all appropriate categories to online publishing. John Hillery's comment in the CJ that online works could be edited and changed which hard copies could not was noted. Thus online entrants will be required to date and send a copy of possible entrants to either the president or the webmaster. There will be 3 special online categories: column, tournament report, photo; all other online work will mix in with the others, e.g., opening analysis, editorial. etc.

  6. a motion was passed concerning eligibility criteria: In order to qualify for CJA awards, you must be an American resident or be published in the American print medium(mag. or newspaper). Thus, an American resident featured in a foreign based web site is eligible, but a foreign national on the same site is not.

  7. a motion was passed reinstating the practice of selecting the Journalist of the Year award through voting by the entire membership with nominations being put out in the Chess Journalist.

  8. a motion was passed establishing a $50/year patron category. Whoever pays $50 will be listed as a patron of the CJA in each issue of that year in the Chess Journalist.

  9. the matter of life memberships was tabled until next year

  10. a report by the president as to the ongoing attempt to merge the Cramer Awards with the CJA awards. The Cramer committee has recommended this to Chess in the Schools, the overseer of the Cramer Awards funds.