• Bethany Carson

1997 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America. Following are the minutes of that meeting, held August 1997 in Orlando, Florida, as printed in The Chess Journalist, Vol. 26, Consecutive No. 85, September 1997. The following was published under the title "Report of the Annual Meeting of the Chess Journalist of America" and was written by CJA Vice-President Peter Tamburro.

Report of the Annual Meeting of CJA August 1997

Orlando, Florida August 1997

Our meeting at Orlando was chaired by CJA President Sylvester Robes. Assisting the president were Randy Hourgh, Secretary/Treasurer and Pete Tamburro, Vice-President.

A motion by Jerry Hanken was passed which re-elected the three oficers for a two-year term. No nominations had been received through the mail.

Randy Hough reported a balance of $2,973. We have 80 paid members. There is a need to encourage editors and writers of the local and regional publications to join the CJA. Pete Tamburro will send the editors who are not CJA members an invitation to join or renew.

Randy Hough also gave a report on the judging results. The list of judges for each of the categories was made available and should be published in The Chess Journalist. A discussion was held on including books from American publishers among the CJA awards. We are asking people to submit what they feel would be proper criteria for such an award. It was also noted that free membership for one year in the CJA for judges was our reward for such volunteer activity. Bob Holliman's work as chief judge and Randy Hough's efforts in getting the packets for judging out were both noted and appreciated.

Mike Nolan is offering to help CJA create a web page.

-- Pete Tamburro Vice-President, Chess Jouralists of America