• Bethany Carson

1995 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America. Following are the unofficial minutes of that meeting, held on August 6, 1995 in Concord, California (near San Francisco), as printed in The Chess Journalist, Vol. 24, Consecutive No. 77, September 1995. The official minutes apparently weren't published, but an article by Tom Dorsch (who became the new Secretary/Treasurer of CJA, so perhaps this was considered an appropriate replacement for minutes) titled "The '95 US Open and Annual Meeting "Concord in Concord" contains this description of the annual CJA meeting.

Description of 1995 Annual Meeting of CJA An excerpt from the article "The '95 US Open and Annual Meeting" in TCJ August, 1995

By Tom Dorsch, CJA Secretary/Treasurer

Hilton Hotel Concord, California August 1995


The various committee meetings and workshops hummed and purred with their usual fine-tuning of USCF governance.

CJA (and Chess Life)

The Chess Journalists of America installed new officers, Ira Lee Riddle stepping aside after years of dedicated service, replaced by Jim Eade. Sylvester Robes is vice-president, Tom Dorsch relieves Tim Just as secretary-treasurer, and Hellen Warren remains as editor. The foremost topic for discussion in the CJA workshops was whether Chess Life is censored or politicized. These concerns arose because of the wording and timing of coverage of the FIDE proceedings. Al Lawrence assured the CJA meeting that he did not censor the magazine, only reviewed certain issues, and that the timing of the FIDE coverage, appearing as it did days before the ballots went out, was coincidental. These assurances were repeated by editor Glenn Petersen. It was pointed out that Chess Life is the only major chess magazine in the world that did not publish a report on what happened at the meeting. And when Chess Life did finally publish an account of the events, it was an account of the meeting that largely ignored the version of events reported by our FIDE team. Al Lawrence explained that the Chess Life editor, Glenn Petersen, has complete independence. He exercised restraint in his FIDE coverage because he knew that there was a split on the Policy Board as to our FIDE policy, and he was waiting for direction from the PB.