• Bethany Carson

1994 Annual Meeting

Minutes of 1994 Annual Meeting of CJA August 10, 1994

By Tim Just, CJA Secretary/Treasurer

Ramada O'Hare Chicago, Illinois August 10, 1994, 3:00 p.m.

TREASURER'S REPORTThe CJA bank balance is $1254.18. President Ira Riddle pointed out the prizes for the CJA awards had yet to be paid.


MOTION by L. Parr, second by S. Robes: The CJA awards program shall charge the following fees:

  1. $5 per item entered for members,

  2. $8 per item entered for non-members,

  3. $1.50 per item entered for members and non-members once a cap of $50 is reached by any sumbitting party.

PASSED unanimously.

A discussion of promotional ideas centered around articles being released to all chess publications regarding the current work of the CJA and/or CJA history.

The corrected 1994 CJA awards were announced by Ira Riddle. (That report can be found on page 3 or this issue.)

The following items were discussed:

  1. The Chess Journalist is eligible for CJA awards.

  2. Individual articles are eligible for CJA awards even if the journal it appears in has a spotty publication schedule.

  3. A magazine is considered a state magazine if the largest per cent of its subscribers are from that state.

  4. Opening analysis and end game analysis will be considered two different categories from game analysis for purpose of the CJA awards program.

  5. Books are not eligible for the CJA awards program.

  6. For CJA awards, a small state magazine can only have a circulation of 1000 or less.

MOTION: Release the names of the judges and their categories for all CJA awards programs. PASSED.

MOTION: The category of press releases shall be created for the CJA awards program. PASSED 8-7.

CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTSMOTION: Elections shall be by mail ballot. FAILED (The constitution already provides for elections by mail under ARTICLE IX).

CRAMER AWARDSFred Cramer provided in his will for awards in chess journlism. Those awards are administered by the USCF through a grant from the ACF. There was concern that the CJA had no input in the selection of the winners of the Cramer awards. It was felt that the intent of Mr. Cramer's will was to provide the CJA with input in the selection of those prizes. Rachel Lieberman will report the CJA concerns to the Policy Board.

DEBATELarry Parr and Sylvester Robes provided a lively and entertaining debate.

Please send all corrections and additions to Tim Just.