• Bethany Carson

1993 Annual Minutes and Financial Statement

Minutes of 1993 Annual Meeting of CJA August 12, 1993

By Tim Just, CJA Secretary/Treasurer

Adam's Mark Hotel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 12, 1993

  1. MINUTES Motion to approve the minutes of the 1992 CJA Business Meeting was approved unanimously.

  2. AWARDS A press release was distributed announcing the award winners for 1993. Larry Parr, Helen Warren, and Michael Franett shared the Chess Journalist of the Year for 1993. Of the 13 ballots cast, four went to each winner. There was one write-in ballot.

  3. CJA VOTER APATHY A discussion followed on various methods to encourage participation in the balloting for the CJA Chess Journalist of the Year award. The discussion also addressed how to create more interest in the CJA in general.

  4. CHANGES IN VOTING MOTION (Larry Parr, seconded by Mike Nolan): the title of CJA Chess Journalist of the Year will only be awarded if the candidate(s) receive affirmative votes from at least 20% of the total regular voting members at the time the nominations are closed. PASSED unanimously.

  5. NEW AWARDS CATEGORIES A total of nine "new" categories were proposed for awards. Many of these included awards for books. All of these categories for books did not receive favorable votes. Three categories were renamed to be:

  6. Best Overall Serial Publication,

  7. Best State Serial Publication, and

  8. Best State Serial Publication under 1000 circulation.

  9. OLD BUSINESS By-laws changes proposed and passed at the 1992 CJA Business Meeting that required approval at the 1993 CJA Business Meeting in order to change the CJA Constitution:

  10. Officers are allowed unlimited terms of office. PASSED 7-6.

  11. Foreign dues set at $15 per year. PASSED unanimously.

  12. The CJA Constitution will reflect these changes.

  13. NEW BUSINESS By-laws changes proposed during the 1993 CJA BUsiness Meeting::

  14. Officers do not pay dues during their term of office. FAILED.

  15. Elections should be by mail ballot. PASSED unanimously (will be voted upon again at the 1994 Business Meeting before the Constitution can be changed).

  16. Terms of office shall be six years. FAILED.

  17. By-laws changes shall be effective via mail ballot of all members. FAILED.

  18. EDITOR OF The Chess Journalist A discussion of The Chess Journalist content and editorship resulted in more than one CJA member expressing interest in the job of editor. The officers will follow up on those offers. MOVED: No USCF Policy Board member or USCF full-time employee shall serve as a CJA Officer or editor of The Chess Journalist. (Moved by Mike Nolan, second by Gerry Bibuld). PASSED unanimously. MOVED: The CJA would like to thank Don Schultz for his offer to edit The Chess Journalist. (Moved by Mike Nolan, second by Gerry Bibuld). PASSED unanimously.

  19. ELECTIONS One candidate ran for each office and was elected:

  20. Pres.: Ira Lee Riddle

  21. V-P: Sylvester Robes

  22. S-T: Tim Just

  23. ENERGIZED CJA Various methods of creating interest in the CJA were discussed. MOVED: The 1994 CJA officers be empowered to arrange a one-hour Lincoln-Doublas type of debate (subject and champions to be announced). PASSED 8-2.

  24. ADJOURNMENT Minutes submitted by Tim Just. Please send any corrections directly to Tim.

Financial Statement as of August 27, 1993

Balance on 5/15/93$683.68

Deposit 5/16/93+20.00

WD for TCJ #68-150.00

Deposit 5/31/93+30.00

Deposit 6/21/93+10.96

Deposit 6/18/93+50.00

Deposit 6/25/93+18.00

Interest 6/30/93+3.77

Deposit 7/08/93+50.00

Deposit 7/08/93+146.00

WD (Awar) 7/08/93-59.00

Deposit: awards 7/11+20.00

Deposit: awards 7/23+30.00

Deposit: awards 8/16+35.00

Deposit: awards 8/20+90.00

WD S/T-50.00

WD P-25.00

WD TCJ-150.00

Balance on 8/27/93 $752.45