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1992 Minutes and Financial Statement

Minutes of 1992 Annual Meeting of CJA August 6, 1992

By Mike Nolan

Los Angeles, California August 6, 1992

The Annual Meeting of the Chess Journalists of America was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by President Ira Lee Riddle. Michael Nolan was appointed acting Secretary for the duration of the meeting.

President Riddle reported that Vice President/Treasurer and Secretary Frank Elley has resigned, and that Editor Frisco del Rosario has also resigned. President Riddle has been the acting editor, and for the first time in several years four issues of The Chess Journalist have come out during the past year.

The minutes of the 1991 meeting were approved as printed in The Chess Journalist.

Treasurer's Report by Ira Lee Riddle

As of June 15th, 1992, our balance was about $560. We will have a monor loss on the 1992 Awards program, after expenses for postagee, memberships for judges, expenses such as phone bills, and certificates for the award winners.

Bylaws Committee Report Tim Just, committee chairman

The motion approved at the 1991 CJA meeting changing the officers to President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer, which was printed in the February issue of The Chess Journalist, was ratified.

A bylaws change to add a third membership category, "foreign", was passed. This will be printed in The Chess Journalist and will be up for ratification at the 1993 CJA meeting.

A bylaws change which permits officers to succeed themselves was passed. This will be printed in The Chess Journalist and will be up for ratification at the 1993 CJA meeting.

Old Business:

CJA Affiliation with USCF: Moved by Larry Parr that the CJA not renew its USCF affiliation. Motion was approved.

Election of Officers:

Vice-President (1 year term): Warren Pinches.

Secretary/Treasurer (1 year term): Tim Just.

New Business:

Motion by Larry Parr: Be it resolved: That the Chess Journalists of America oppose Arnold Denker's Delegate Motion #24; that the CJA reprehends this attempt to reisntate "Happy Talk" in chess journalism; that the editor and publisher of Chess Life are free to publish or reject material according to their view of its newsworthiness, truthfulness, and tastefulness; that truth is usually its own justification and supersedes wounded egos as a criterion for publication; and that we call on president Ira Lee Riddle to make known this CJA resolution at the time of the delegate's debate on the Denker motion.

Substitute motion by Michael Molan: "The Chess Journalists of American support the concept of editorial freedom and encourage all chess publications to present matters of a sensitive nature in a balanced discussion of issues, with minimal references to individual personalities. We reaffirm this view with respect to ADM 24."

Motion to substitute passed 7-1. Motion passed 7-1.

Motion by Larry Parr: Be it resolved: That the CJA condemns threats by USCF politicians against its members; that the CJA condemns Policy Board member Jerry Hanken for threatening to drive CJA Co-Journalist of the Year GM Larry Evans from chess because he is a "yellow mucking journalist;" that the CJA states forcefully that it is not the role of Jerry Hanken or any other USCF officer to drive chess journalists from organized chess; and that CJA president Ira Lee Riddle inform delegates during session of the contents of this resolution.

Motion failed 1-7.

CJA Awards

CJA Awards were announced by Chief Judge Michael Nolan.

Issues raised by the judges (Hanon Russell, Chris Chabris, Ira Lee Riddle, Michael Nolan):

1. Eligibility as 'state magazines" of Chess Horizons and Northwest Chess.

2. Eligibility of tournament books or bulletins.

3. The 'best chess promotion' category should indicate the egree of success of the promotion.

4. CJA should conside creating categories for books.

Chief Judge Nolan expressed his appreciateion to Danny Edelman for helping to set up the CJA display, to his wife for her work on processing the 152 entries this year, and to the judges.

There being no further bhusiness, the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Those present at the meeting (having signed the attendance sheet): Lawrence Parr, Sylvester Robes, Tim Just, Helen Warren, Jim Warren, Warren Pinches, Bob Dudley, Arnold Denker, Spencer Lower, David Saponara, Harold Winston, Ken Marshall, Don Schultz, Make Nolan, Ira Lee Riddle, and Jerry Hanken as the meeting was about to be adjourned.

Financial Statement as of September 1st, 1992

Balance on 6/13/92 $688.51

WD for CJA #64 -132.00

Deposit 6/19/92+20.00

Interest 6/30/92+6.26

Deposit 7/6/92+30.00

Deposit 7/15/92+30.00

Deposit: awards 8/12+151.00


Deposit 9/1/92+20.00

Balance on 9/2/92$667.82

Est. cost for #65145.00

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