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1988 Minutes & Journalism Award Philosophy

Minutes of 1988 Annual Meeting of CJA August 11, 1988

By CJA Treasurer Glenn Petersen

Boston, Massachusetts Thursday, August 11, 1988

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Merrell. Vice President Glenn Petersen volunteered to taike minutes (a) in the absence of Secretary Bill Wall and (b) because he hadn't done anything else all year long.

Much discussion ensued about the lack of timely publication of The Chess Journalist Tim Hanke, who volunteered to be editor, and who was appointed by President Merrell back in September of 1987, was not present. It was not until well past January of 1988 that officers considered appointing a new editor. Discussion ended with:

MOTION to extend current CJA memberships for three issues of The Chess Journalist. PASSED

Discussion then moved toward appointing an editor for 1988-1989. Many volunteered. Many were chosen.

Some concern was expressed by some volunteers as to the content of TCJ. A few were not willing to wade through voluminous political charges and countercharges (i.e., Parr, Evans, Schultz, etc.). Helen Warren volunteered that the CJA publication should be a forum for responsible debate on political issues.

In the end, editorial responsibilities were divided as follows:

  • 1st issue (Fall) will be done by Frank Elley.

  • 2nd issue (Winter) will be done by John Hillery

  • 3rd issue (Spring) will be done by Ira Lee Riddle and will contain preliminary information for the 1989 CJA Awards program.

  • 4th issue (Summer) will be done by Ira Lee Riddle.

Helen Warren and Harold Winston will be responsible for selecting an awards chairperson for 1989, preferably someone in the Chicago area.

Judging of the awards this year was hampered by the lack of a timely publication, as well as the lack of an awards chairperson.

As a result of their efforts, above and beyond the call of duty, at literally the eleventh hour,

MOTION to thank Ira Lee Riddle for his efforts as Awards Chairperson, PASSED by acclamation. MOTION to thank Frank Elley for his efforts as TCJ editor, PASSED by acclamation.

Following very little discussion,

MOTION: Resolved, that the CJA adopt the following statement of purpose, general and specific entry criteria, and guidelines for judging as they pertain to the Awards program mandated by the bylaws, [See Journalism Award Philosophy, Adopted August 11, 1988 below] PASSED.

Although I have no notes pertaining to a motion to adjourn, there must have been one, as we all left at 2 p.m.

Attending the meeting were: Jerome Bibult, New York; J. Frankin Campbell, Georgia; Christopher Chabria, Massachusetts; Stephen Dann, Massachusetts; Nigel Eddis, New York; Robert Erkes, Maryland; Roger Gotschall, Iowa; Jerome Hanken, California; Woodrow Harris, Virginia; John Hillery, California; Tim Just, Illinois; Don Maddox, New York; Ken Marshall, Illinois; Bill Merrell, Missouri; Mike Nolan, Nebraska; Glenn Petersen, New Jersey; Warren Pinches, Massachusetts; Ira Lee Riddle, Pennsylvania; Harry Sabine, Tennessee; David Saponara, California; Steven Stepak, Massachusetts; Robert Sutter, Missouri; Helen Warren, Illinois; Jim Warren, Illinois; Harold Winston, Illinois.

Journalism Award Philosophy Adopted August 11, 1988

  1. Purpose Of Awards. The CJA recognizes the finest journalistic efforts of the chess press in the United States for the following reasons:

  2. to formally recognize the most outstanding chess journalists and the standards they have set;

  3. to provide an incentive to encourage chess journalists to do their best work;

  4. to obtain examples of superior journalism for use in the education of current and future chess journalists; and

  5. to showcase the wealth of talent distributed in chess communities throughout the United States.

  6. General Entry Criteria. All entries for CJA awards are subject to the following criteria:

  7. All entries must have been published in the United States.

  8. All entries must be published in the English language.

  9. All entries must have been published during the twelve months immediately preceding June 30 of the award year.

  10. All entries must be original works, not reprinted from another source.

  11. All entries must be received in sufficient quantity before the entry deadline, as determined by the Awards Committee Chairman.

  12. There are no limits as to the number of entries per category per individual or magazine.

  13. All entries must have been nominated by a CJA member in good standing.

  14. All awards are earned by the creator of an entry, regardless of his/her CJA membership status.

  15. All entries become the property of the CJA, and may be displayed at the annual U. S. Open Chess Championship.

  16. Judging Of Entries. The judging of entries will take place in the following manner, barring unusual and extenuating circumstances:

  17. The awards program is the responsibility of the Awards Committee Chairman, who is appointed by the Executive Committee.

  18. The Chairman shall insure that at least three journalists judge each entry. The judges should be outstanding journalists in their own right, appointed by the Chairman from among the CJA membership.

  19. The Committee is not bound to make an award in any category in which it feels all entries are not so deserving.

  20. The Committee will strive to determine a single award-winner in each category, rather than permitting awards to be shared.

  21. The Committee may award honorable mention to any entry deemed to be of such outstanding quality but not the best of the current year. If no award is given in a category, then no honorable mention will be given either.

  22. Every winner of an award or an honorable mention shall be issued a certificate as evidence. Other types of recognition may be bestowed upon the winners at the discretion of the CJA.

  23. The CJA shall reimburse the members of the Awards Committee for reasonable expenses related to their assignment.

Specific Entry Criteria.

(listing of categories and descriptions omitted here)