Hope everyone has had a great fall and has managed to stay safe.  The CJA has had a couple of problems.  As some of you may have noted, our website had significant difficulty when there were problems with the move and the website had not been backed up right before the move.  Thankfully, Franklin had wisely backed everything up in 2016.  Most everything else related to the site has gone through me and so Frisco Del Rosario, who edited The Chess Journalist in print at the turn of the ’90s, will be able to put a good amount of the lost material.  While we are working to recover what is lost, we will be trying to put material back up in a clearer and more accessible way.  We also wanted people to discuss changes they would like to see made, etc.  To that end, we wanted to meet some Sunday evening in January.  Please feel free to weigh in on your time and date preference.

      Unfortunately, our recovery work, as well as the general fall wrap up has gone slowly as I have been struck with a immunoglobulin problem (basically allergy problem).  Between the problem and the treatment, which included a large amount of oral steroids, I have had a long slow road, but am recovering, with quite a bit of weight gain being the only long term problem (I think!)

      Besides the recovery work our intern is working on a short video about the organization.  Speaking of video, our youtube page has a video of a group discussing the lead up to the 1972 Fischer Spassky match.