A call to arms from Ralph Bowman –
“Fellow Chess Journalists,
In 2019, Dewain Barber and I came out with Humor In Chess, which was a collection of stories submitted by chess people about the wonderful game of chess.  The purpose of this book was two-fold, first to save these wonderful, mostly humorous stories so they would never be lost and secondly, to provide a perpetual source of income for the prize money for the national scholastic tournaments.
In 2021, we came out with Humor In Chess II.  This book provided even more stories with the same two purposes.
In 2023, we are hoping to come out with what will probably be the final book in this series, Humor In Chess III.  Currently we have about 60% of the stories needed to complete this book.  We are hoping that the Chess Journalists will submit stories for this book that will enable us to finish this book.
Please email your submissions to humorinchess@gmail.com.  With your submission please list your full name as you would prefer it be listed and the state in which you lived at the time of this story.
Thank you!”