Dewain Barber, former owner of American Chess Equipment and long-time advocate for scholastic chess, came up with the idea of collecting humorous stories about chess and publishing them. He asked Ralph Bowman to help with the project.

After three years they came out with Humor In Chess, which is available on Amazon in paperback ($14.95), hardback ($19.95) and on Kindle ($3.99).

They did not stop there and continued to collect humorous chess stories and two years later came out with Humor In Chess II.

Humor In Chess II had only been out about ten weeks and they already had 80 pages of stories submitted for Humor In Chess III.

For those persons who have a lot of humorous stories they will give anyone their own chapter in the book if they submit either a minimum of twelve stories or ten pages of stories.

100% of the profits from the book go to provide scholarships for the four US National Invitational Scholastic Tournaments (Denker – 9-12, Barber – 6-8, Rockefeller – K-5 and Harding – K-12 girls).

This is your opportunity to financially help future generations of chess players without actually giving money.

Please email your stories to Dewain Barber, Ralph Bowman or