Humor In Chess II by Dewain Barber and Ralph E. Bowman is a collection of funny chess anecdotes recently published.  The book is the second in the series.  The first in the series was the 2020 Chess Journalists Award Winner in the category of Self-Published Book.  The first book is available at Humor In Chess (Chess Humor): Barber, Dewain, Bowman, Ralph E.: 9781675183168: Books.  This new volume can be found at Humor In Chess II: Barber, Dewain, Bowman, Ralph E.: 9798499856789: Books

Bowman and Barber’s first book started “way back” in 2014, when they considered collecting items connected to the humorous side of chess, as a response to the idea that non-chess players think all chess players are serious.  As these discussions evolved, Barber felt these anecdotes could provide continual support for the National Invitational Scholastic Tournaments (the events for various state champions held at the United States Open.)  The book came out in 2019 after 30 months of cajoling, reminding, and pushing (mostly by Barber); with 58 contributors of 184 stories or cartoons, a sizable number by Barber himself.

The book was an immediate hit, selling well enough for the editors to quickly decide on a second book.  This one, with 299 stories/cartoons submitted by 59 authors, came together in just 18 months.  These authors varied from the inexperienced, myself, giving two stories, to noted philanthropist John D. Rockefeller V, who has his own chapter (meaning he wrote at least 10 entries), as does famed teacher Dan Heisman.  Much like the last edition, there are stories about the famous, GM and US Champion Shabalov plays a key role in at least one story, and the unknown, many stories include unnamed beginners.

Will there be a third edition – “Only if people send their stories to,” says Bowman.  Personally, I look forward to writing another such article in a few years!

Please remember that all of the royalties for the Humor In Chess books go for scholarships for US Chess’ National Invitational Scholastic Tournament players.