Bethany Carson
Mar 29, 2018

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New Posts
  • chessdrummer
    Feb 14

    As we are well into another year, The Chess Drum has made 18 years!!! This year I will commemorate the anniversary with a video that will recount the evolution of The Chess Drum including its conception and eventual launch February 12th, 2001 . Link:
  • chessdrummer
    Feb 14

    Chess journalists often take on the task of presenting the face of chess to the world and oftentimes, that effort is overlooked or taken for granted. In my almost 18 years of covering chess for The Chess Drum, I have met some of the hardest-working professionals in chess journalism. I have provided live coverage for six Olympiad tournaments, a World Championship, several top-level events and many open tournaments. I have interviewed dozens of Grandmasters, rising scholastic stars and rank amateur players. I have observed how vibrant and universal chess has become. There are stories waiting to be told. Link: