Chess Journalist of the Year Nominations

The US Chess Federation nominates John Hartmann as Chess Journalist of the Year. His "Books and Beyond" column in Chess Life has been the premier source for those looking for high-level book and technology reviews since 2013. As Chess Life Online (CLO) editor, he has been posting almost daily chess world news updates and in-depth articles, making the go-to daily location for many in the chess world. He has introduced innovative programming such as his “Leveling Up with US Chess" series on the US Chess YouTube channel in which he presents a game by two amateur players, with the analysis specifically aimed at beginning players both young and old. US Chess has already recognized his particular talents by promoting him in May 2020 to Chess Life editor on top of his CLO duties. For all of these reasons, John Hartmann is best suited to be the next Chess Journalist of the Year.


Link to all of John’s writings at CLO:

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Link to all of John’s reviews for June 2019-May 2020 in Chess Life:


Link to John’s May 2020 story on Howard Ohman in Chess Life:

John Hartmann

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