CJA Awards

Each year the Chess Journalists of America conducts an awards program to select the top published material in a number of categories. 

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Mike Klein

Mike Klein was named journalist of the year for his chess-event coverage that delivers clear and unbiased news to chess fans around the world.


The included sample story (AlphaZero) is an achievement in chess journalism. While the emergence of AlphaZero was covered by virtually all media organizations, both chess and mainstream publications, Mike Klein's report was the first and best at relating exactly why this was such a monumental achievement in chess. His piece captures the historic nature of the story and presents the actual chess played in a way that even casual fans can understand.

Story example: 

Google's AlphaZero Destroys Stockfish In 100-Game Match, Dec 6, 2017 

Nominated by Chess.com

2018 Chess Journalist of the Year: Mike Klein