Humor in Chess

A call to arms from Ralph Bowman – “Fellow Chess Journalists, In 2019, Dewain Barber and I came out with Humor In Chess, which was a collection of stories submitted by chess people about the wonderful game of chess.  The purpose of this book was two-fold, first to save these wonderful, mostly humorous stories so they […]

Allan Savage Remembered

Allan Savage was a member of the CJA off and on for about 40 years. Though I did not have the pleasure to work with him as a judge, I did have the pleasure of corresponding with him about the Byrne book. Recently, I reached out to him only to find out that he had […]

Joshua Anderson Interviewed in the Eade Foundation’s Chess Files

Joshua Anderson and the CJA would like to thank Jim Eade for interviewing me in Episode 60 of The Chess Files: The Answers are Out There and highlighting the work of the awards, especially the tasks of the Coordinating Judge. Watch the interview here.

2022 State of the CJA Presentation

2022 has been an exceptionally busy year for Chess Journalists of America, with lots of news to share. Watch for an overview from our annual State of the CJA Presentation which we’ll be posting here!   Download the 2022 State of the CJA – Post meeting View the 2022 State of the CJA – Post […]

2022 CJA Awards: Call for Entries

The Chess Journalists of America once again sends out a call for nominations for the annual Chess Journalists of America (CJA) awards. The CJA awards recognize the best in all facets of chess journalism, both print and online. The best chess articles, columns, photojournalism, layout, and online writing are honored within their respective categories. Recognized […]

2022 Awards Season

Hello, Award season for the Chess Journalists of America will begin over the next few weeks.  The first task is for I, as coordinating judge, to determine the categories.  The list from last year is below and a few suggested changes and one question is noted below that.  Anyone is welcome to email me at […]

Thanks to all for your help with Awards 2021!

I want to thank all of you for your many entries, and the effort put into making them so we could link them for the judges. I want to thank most of you for your judgining, giving of your time and wisdom. I would also like to thank those who have helped me this past […]

Humor In Chess: A Collection of Stories

Humor In Chess by Dewain Barber and Ralph E. Bowman is a collection of funny chess anecdotes published at the end of 2019. The book is a 2020 Chess Journalists Award Winner in the category of Self-Published Book and it is available for purchase on (Humor In Chess: Barber, Dewain, Bowman, Ralph E.: 9781675183168: […]

Lubomir Kavalek 1943-2021

Grandmaster Lubomir Kavalek died Jan. 18, according to a tweet by GM Ian Rogers. Kavalek won the Czech championship in 1962 and 1968, and the US championship in 1972, 1973, and 1978. He played on seven US Olympiad teams, and medaled six times. In 1974, he was among the world’s top 10 players. In 1976, […]