2020 Chess Journalists of America Awards

2020 Chess Journalist of the Year: John Hartmann

      The US Chess Federation nominates John Hartmann as Chess Journalist of the Year. His “Books and Beyond” column in Chess Life has been the premier source for those looking for high-level book and technology reviews since 2013. As Chess Life Online (CLO) editor, he has been posting almost daily chess world news updates and in-depth articles. Hartmann has introduced innovative programming such as his “Leveling Up with US Chess” series on the US Chess YouTube channel in which he presents a game by two amateur players, with the analysis specifically aimed at beginning players both young and old.

      US Chess has already recognized his particular talents by promoting him in May 2020 to Chess Life editor on top of his CLO duties. For all of these reasons, John Hartmann is best suited to be the next Chess Journalist of the Year. Please find some of John’s sample work: writings at CLO, reviews for June 2019-May 2020 in Chess Life, and May 2020 story on Howard Ohman in Chess Life.

Best Story of the Year – 80 Years of US Chess, Al Lawrence
HM – May I Have The Envelope, Please, Jon Crumiller & GM Lev Alburt
Best Column – Alex Fishbein’s Endgame Column, ACM
HM – Faces Across the Board, Al Lawrence

​Best Book InstructionIn the Zone: Winning Streaks, Cyrus Lakdawala
Best Book, OtherThe Best I Saw in Chess, Stuart Rachels
Best Self PublishedHumor in Chess, Ralph Bowman and Dewain Barber, editors

​Junior Print Article – 4 Steps That Changed the World, John Burke
HM – Not So Wide Yet Quite Deep, John Burke
Junior Online Article – Christopher Yoo Goes Online, Christopher Yoo
HM – Tucson’s Carlos Boteo Wins 2019 Amateur West, Jonathan Martinez
Junior Personal Narrative – Chess Adventures with WGM Carissa Yip, Carissa Yip

Best Overall Website – US Chess
Best Blog – Learning From Each Game, Ray Linville
Best Podcast – Ladies Knight, Jennifer Shahade
HM – One Move At A Time, Daniel Lucas
Best Podcast Episode – Ladies Knight, Jennifer Shahade
Best News – CLO, uschess.com
Best Newsletter HM – Mechanics’ Institute, Abel Talamantez
Best Club/Local Newsletter – Chess Advocate, Dwight Weaver
Best Interview – GM Aagard On The Candidates, John Hartmann
Best Feature – Beauty of Chess as Art Takes Many Forms, Ray Linville
Best Tournament Report – Aagaard on the Candidates, John Hartmann
Best State Tournament Report – The 2019 Denver Open, IM John Watson
Best Instruction – Shlyakhtenko on Winning, Robert Shlyakhtenko
Best Analysis – Yip Annotates World Women’s Finale, IM Carissa Yip
Best Humorous Contribution – Memphis Chess, Diego Delgado
HM – The Five Barber Bishop Brouhala, Eric Vigil
Historic Contribution – Marshall Attack & Pandemic, Ray Linville
Best Personal Narrative – Correspondence Chess, Michael Buss
Educational Lesson – How To Teach Your Kids Chess, Ray Linville
Non-Instructive Video – The Magic of Chess, Jenny Schweitzer
​Twitter Feed – US Chess

Regular Newspaper ColumnChess, Bill Cornwall
Single Article of Local InterestInside Sullivan: Chess in Sullivan, Patricio Robayo
Overall Chess MagazineAmerican Chess Magazine
Feature Article – May I Have the Envelope, Please, Jon Crumiller & GM Lev Alburt
Interview – With John Donaldson, Dusan Krunic
HM – Deep Dive, GM Maurice Ashley
National Tournament Report – A Spectacular Finish, WGM Tatev Abrahamyan
HM – Isle of Man; Enter the Dragon, Michael Rohde
Tournament Report/Local State – Chess in Brownsville, Bartek Macieja
HM – Texas and Missouri, Alex Ipatov
Club Newsletter – Chess Advocate (Memphis Chess), Dwight Weaver
Instructive Lesson – Top Ten Endgames of 2019, Alex Fishbein
Review – Lessons Learned, John Hartmann
Humorous Contribution – Did This Man Save the 1972 WC, Menachem Wecker
Personal Narrative – Remembering My Great Predecessors, Joel Benjamin
Personal Narrative – Excellence in the Face of Adversity, Justin Sarkar
HM – Dear Diaries, GM Sam Shankland & WGM Tatev Abrahamyan
Best Analysis – 2019 Opening Trends, Ivan Sokolov
Best Historical Article – “80 Years of US Chess,” December 2019, Al Lawrence
Best Historical Article – Lost & Found, John Hartmann
HM – The Magic Year of 1971, John Donaldson

Visual Arts
Photojournalism Article – Cote d’Ivore, WFM Maria Emelianova
Single Chess Photo – Jennifer Yu, Myles Katherine Photography
Chess Art – Scholastic Nationals, James Oses
Single Chess Magazine Cover – Pal Benko, Patrick Morales-Lee, Frankie Butler
Cartoon – You Say Rad2, I Say R2-D2 Idea: Dan Lucas, Art: Matt Satel

Special Merit
Winner – Robert Basil Long, RIP – Pete Tamburro, Glenn Petersen, Andrew Martin, Frank Brady
HMAtlantic Chess News – Alessandro De Marchi-Blumstein & Pete Tamburro