Chess Journalist of the Year Nominations

Peter Doggers deserves to be named journalist of the year for his unparalleled international chess coverage, from the top events around the world to the state of the global chess culture.


The included sample story (FIDE news) highlights the kind of investigative journalism that Doggers has been writing all year for While other chess reports regarding the state of FIDE stop at the face value of the press release, Peter Doggers uncovers the real story while maintaining integrity and presenting the coverage at dead-center.   

Story Example: Swiss Bank to Close FIDE Account Over Ilyumzhinov, February 16, 2018

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Because of the overall depth and breadth of his work, US Chess nominates GM Robert Hess for Chess Journalist of the Year. Robert is well-known on the pages of Chess Life, where he writes “In the Arena,” a popular monthly column that features a player of the month along with a recent tournament game. Robert’s thoughtful game analysis delivers insightful instruction while also entertaining the reader with anecdotes about the player and tournament.

In 2017-18, Robert authored two feature articles for Chess Life, including November 2017's cover story on the Sinquefield Cup. Wearing multiple hats at the 2017 World Cadets, Robert not only served as a coach, but also delivered a well-received feature story to Chess Life as well as several reports to US Chess News (online), including the award-winning article, “GM Hess on the World Cadets: U.S. Team on an Upswing,” which won the #5 spot in 2017’s Best of US Chess. Judge Evan Rabin wrote, “[Robert] shows one of the best chess players in the country can also be a great journalist. This well-rounded article provides ‘insider info’ about what it is like to play at a World Youth competition.” 

Robert's journalistic strength lies in his ability to interweave a compelling story with solid chess analysis. He also is a frequent contributor to other chess news outlets, most notably, and is a popular commentator and on-air analyst.

Submitted by U.S. Chess.

(Austin Fuller photo, courtesy of the Saint Louis Chess Club.)

Mike Klein deserves to be named journalist of the year for his chess-event coverage that delivers clear and unbiased news to chess fans around the world.


The included sample story (AlphaZero) is an achievement in chess journalism. While the emergence of AlphaZero was covered by virtually all media organizations, both chess and mainstream publications, Mike Klein's report was the first and best at relating exactly why this was such a monumental achievement in chess. His piece captures the historic nature of the story and presents the actual chess played in a way that even casual fans can understand.

Story example: 

Google's AlphaZero Destroys Stockfish In 100-Game Match, Dec 6, 2017 

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From December 2012 to June 2018, Jeffrey Roland of Boise, Idaho has edited 67 consecutive editions of Northwest Chess magazine, which covers chess activity in the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. He has always performed this task with dedication, enthusiasm and attention to detail and accuracy. Since Northwest Chess is a small organization (the magazine has fewer than 1,000 subscribers), Jeff is often called upon to perform multiple tasks, for example not just editing and layout, but also writing (usually about chess events in Idaho), photography and photo editing. As a result of Jeff’s efforts and those of the other magazine contributors (most of whom are unpaid), Northwest Chess has been judged "Best State Magazine" for 2014-17 by the Chess Journalists of America.


Ten samples of Jeff’s work have been submitted for this award, covering editing/layout, editorial writing, feature writing and photography. All of these samples are from Northwest Chess magazine issues dated June 2017 to May 2018, and available online, both as published (usually in black and white) and in color. Judges are also welcome to consider any other samples of Jeff’s work contained in these magazines, and/or in the two special online books of chess cartoons that Jeff compiled. (The actual cartoons were drawn by Brian Berger, who has been nominated separately for the chess art award.)


In addition to serving as editor, Jeff also takes a serious interest in the business, educational and promotional aspects of chess in the Northwest by serving on the Northwest Chess board of directors.


Here are ten suggested samples of his work to consider, although others are also available in the various magazines posted. I didn’t want to post this online for Jeff to see yet!

Submitted by Eric Holcomb.

Examples from Northwest Chess (see document for list.):


December 2017, all pages, Special holiday issue printed with eight color pages.

Editorial writing:

November 2017, page 4, From the Editor's Desk

January 2018, page 6, Editor's Response

May 2018, pages 8-9, Response to Micah's Letter.

Feature Writing:

July 2017, pages 16-18, 2017 Idaho Scholastic Champion of Champions

August 2017, pages 17-20, The Xu Open

January 2018, pages 4-5, Western Idaho Open.


September 2017, page 32, Back cover photo of James Schroeder.

November 2017, page 1, Front cover photo of James Tarian.

February 2018, page 32 Back cover photo of David Zaklan (Also scroll down on the back issues page to see the color versions of the cover photos for this issue.