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Humor in Chess

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A call to arms from Ralph Bowman – “Fellow Chess Journalists, In 2019, Dewain Barber and I came out with Humor In Chess, which was a…

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Chess in Art

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GIVE THE QUINTESSENTIAL CHESS GIFT PHR’s masterpiece, Chess in Art, celebrates 800 years (1100-1900) of chess-themed artwork—400 brilliantly reproduced paintings, drawings, and reliefs to inspire…

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Who’s Who – Eade’s Who

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Congratulations to Jim Eade who was recently recognized by Who’s Who in the Non-profit division of their newsletters. The piece can be seen here –…

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      The Chess Journalists of America encourage chess journalists and writers, editors and publishers, and creators and producers of digital media to exchange information and ideas for their mutual benefit. We promote the highest standards of ethics in chess journalism, represent United States chess journalists in appropriate national and international bodies, and influence policies affecting the promotion of chess.

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