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2022 CJA Awards: Call for Entries

The Chess Journalists of America once again sends out a call for nominations for the annual Chess Journalists of America (CJA) awards. The CJA awards recognize the best in all…


Professional Development #1 – House Style

Professional Development #1 Much thanks to John Hartmann for hosting the first Professional Development meeting.  He led a discussion on house style, specifically, but not limited to that of USChess. …


CJA Professional Development

On February 23rd at 8 PM Central time, all members are invited to the first in a series of lectures/discussions in CJA Professional Development Series developed by John Hartmann.  Hartmann…


2022 Awards Season

Hello, Award season for the Chess Journalists of America will begin over the next few weeks.  The first task is for I, as coordinating judge, to determine the categories.  The…


Questions and Answers for 2021 Awards

Hope everyone is well and getting ready to enjoy tomorrow’s Super Bowl. The Super Bowl and most sports have extremely easy to understand scoring systems. This is not always the…


Humor in Chess III

Dewain Barber, former owner of American Chess Equipment and long-time advocate for scholastic chess, came up with the idea of collecting humorous stories about chess and publishing them. He asked…


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      The Chess Journalists of America encourage chess journalists and writers, editors and publishers, and creators and producers of digital media to exchange information and ideas for their mutual benefit. We promote the highest standards of ethics in chess journalism, represent United States chess journalists in appropriate national and international bodies, and influence policies affecting the promotion of chess.

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CJA Awards

      Recognizing annually the best in print and digital communication.

Cramer Awards

      In appreciation of outstanding regional and state chess publishing.

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