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Lubomir Kavalek 1943-2021

Grandmaster Lubomir Kavalek died Jan. 18, according to a tweet by GM Ian Rogers. Kavalek won the Czech championship in 1962 and 1968, and the US championship in 1972, 1973,…


Merry Christmas!

      Hope everyone has had a great fall and has managed to stay safe.  The CJA has had a couple of problems.  As some of you may have noted, our website…


GM Gelfand Throws Shade at Tweeple

      I much dislike the common social media phrase: “Shared without comment”, because that is a comment, and usually implied agreement. IM Kavutskiy thought GM Gelfand “roasted half of #chesstwitter” in…


Adapt or Die

      Chess Life editor John Hartmann said during the New Formats for Chess Journalism panel at the ChessTech conference Dec. 6: “Adapt or die.”       Hartmann was talking about the evolution of…


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