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2007 Cover Sheet
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2007 Chess Journalists of America /
Cramer Journalism Awards

Joint Announcement

Jerry Hanken, President of the Chess Journalists of America, and Dr. Frank Brady, chair of the Cramer Awards, jointly announce their annual call for material published in print publications or on the Internet. This year a number of categories have been merged, and entrants should note the changes. Cramer Award winners (categories 1 through 5) will receive the traditional marble obelisk and a CJA certificate. All CJA category winners will receive a CJA certificate. All winners will be recognized in The Chess Journalist and Chess Life.

Print Entries: Submit one original and four photocopies, or five originals, for each entry (see categories for exceptions). Print entries may be from any publication in the U.S. or its territories.

Internet Entries: Mail the relevant URL(s) with the entry fee and five cover sheets (note exceptions below) to the Chief Judge. E-mail the relevant URL(s) to the CJA Webmaster at By entering, you are giving the CJA permission to display your entry on the CJA site.

Eligibility: All entries must be for work published (print or web) between June 1, 2006 and May 31, 2007.

Fees: All entries, with the exception of the Cramer Award categories and category 24, must send an entry fee of $15 for the first entry (includes membership or extension of membership in the CJA) and $8 for each additional entry.

Cover Sheets: Every entry (originals and copies) must include a cover sheet (go to E.g., if you are submitting one article in two categories, then you would submit ten items and ten cover sheets. Please follow the instructions on the cover sheet.

Entry Deadline: Cat. 3 through 24 should arrive by June 30, 2007. Cat. 1 and 2 have a June 1, 2007 deadline.

[Update: entries for the June 30 deadline must only be postmaked by June 30!].

Entry Destination: Send entries to Chief Judge Pete Tamburro, 22 Budd Street, Morristown, NJ 07960.
Make checks payable to "Chess Journalists of America". If you have questions, e-mail

Judges: CJA members, including entrants, are encouraged to volunteer for judging. As usual, no one is allowed to be judge (or chief judge) in a category where they're entered. Please contact Pete Tamburro if you're interested in volunteering.

Duplicate Entries: Most nominations are submitted by editors, so please check with them before self-nominating.

Winners: Most categories will have one winner. The Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists (#2), the Special Recognition Award (#23) and the Mainstream Media category (#24) could have multiple winners.

Send entries to the Chief Judge, with checks payable to Chess Journalists of America:

Pete Tamburro
22 Budd St.
Morristown NJ 07960

The coversheet can be downloaded by clicking one of the following links. For those unable to download there is a web page version provided.

To view Entries Received (Internet Entries only) click here.

Cramer Award Categories
Category 1
Chess Journalist of the Year
Only work from the past year will be considered. Awarded to the person who has contributed the most to chess journalism in the past year.
Category 2
Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists
Awarded to individuals from the past or present who have demonstrated a lifetime of achievement in chess journalism. Nominators: supply supporting evidence.
Category 3
Best Book
Send four originals. Open to books with 2006 or 2007 copyright.
Category 4
Best Chess Column
Send three columns, four hard-copies of each column. Also, send any relevant URL(s) to the Webmaster.
Category 5
Best State Magazine (awarded to editor)
Send four original sets of one year's worth of issues. States that have two publications (e.g., adult, junior) must submit them separately. Official state publications only.


CJA Categories
Category 6
Most Notable Achievement in
Correspondence Chess Journalism

A web site, magazine, book, article or other correspondence journalism effort that has been most noteworthy. May enter these in other categories as well.
Category 7
Best Layout
Send four original issues that show how the publication uses techniques of presentation in its issue, which will be treated as a whole.
Category 8
Best Chess Art
Send a magazine cover, Internet display, cartoon, drawing, etc.
Category 9
Best Photograph
A single photograph portraying some aspect of chess.
Category 10
Best Tournament Report, Any Media
A story of one tournament occurring in the past year.
Category 11
Best Regular Newspaper Column
Send three columns, four hard-copies of each column. Includes syndicated columns.
Category 12
Best Regular Newspaper Column of Local Interest
Send three columns, four hardcopies of each column. Limited to writers of local, metropolitan or regional col.
Category 13
Best State Web Site
Send URL. Official site promoting their state's chess.
Category 14
Best General Web Site
Send URL. Demonstrates quality and a variety of topics.
Category 15
Best Human Interest Story
Best article, column or story where the interest is not chess itself, but the lives, emotions, and character of the people who play chess.
Category 16
Best Historical Article
Describes some aspect of chess history.
Category 17
Best Interview
Shows skill for eliciting instructive, revealing responses.
Category 18
Best Editorial
Clear stand on chess theme. Each side of "Pro v. Con" is eligible.
Category 19
Best Review
Reviews of books, movies, software, plays, etc.
Category 20
Best Analysis
Can be opening, middlegame, endgame, game, or several games that have been looked into deeply.
Category 21
Best Instruction
Teaches chess to average players. Should be evidence of it being a lesson and not just an annotated game.
Category 22
Best Humorous Contribution
Open to tasteful jokes, satire, irony, parody, etc. with a chess theme. Judges decide appropriateness of entry.
Category 23
Special Recognition Award
Given to an entry that does not comfortably fit into any of the other categories (e.g., crossword puzzle, article about math and chess, etc.).
Category 24
Excellence in Chess Writing,
Mainstream Media

Send four hard-copies or email a scan or URL to Entries for this category are not eligible for other categories. Awarded to chess writing in a mainstream publication (defined as a magazine listed in the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, a daily or weekly newspaper, or an online site that is not chess-related). Regular chess features are not eligible. No entry fee for this category.

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