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Joint Announcement

Chess Journalists of America
Press Release
March 7, 2001

Pete Tamburro, President of the Chess Journalists of America and Dr. Frank Brady, Chairman of the Cramer Awards Committee jointly announced their annual call for entries that appeared in either print publications or internet sites.

For the CJA, this is the first year that more than one category has been opened to internet creations. Internet submitters should pay close attention to this year's rules and to the very important change for next year's awards.

Fred Cramer Awards

The Cramer Awards have always been cash awards with a suitable memento. The Chess in the Schools program has withdrawn its funding. The Cramer Awards Committee welcomes any donations to add to donations already received.

The four categories of the Cramer Awards are:

  1. Best Book (published in the year 2000)
  2. Best State Magazine (any size)
  3. Chess Journalist of the Year
  4. Fred Cramer Special Award

This last award may be any sort of journalistic creation that is a unique chess production that in and of itself stands above anything normally done in that area. Any of the CJA categories below are legitimate possibilities for entry.

All entries should be sent by June 1 to:

Dr. Frank Brady
175 W. 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023.

Chess Journalists of America Awards

The CJA awards require an entry fee that includes membership in the CJA. Internet entries must be from U.S. residents. Print entries may be from anyone who is published in the United States. There are different procedures for print and internet entrants that are noted below.

Print entrants should submit one original and four photocopies or five originals for each entry. If you are submitting one article in two categories, for example, then you would submit 10 items and separate cover sheets. Internet submissions should send 5 printouts of the production and also email the entry to the CJA webmaster at Contact Webmaster. Your entry must give us permission to display your entry on the CJA site or it will not be considered an entry.

Important note to future internet submitters (2002 awards). You should email a copy of your production, if you feel it may be submitted, to the CJA webmaster. It will not be posted on the site unless you make it an official entry.

Both internet and print entries must send an entry fee of $15 for the first item (which includes membership or extension of membership in CJA) and $5 for each additional entry after that (no limit).

All entries must have been published between June 1, 2000 and May 31, 2001. Chess Journalist of the year is for efforts in the year 2000. Only CJA members may nominate.

Each entry shall have an 8.5 by 11 cover sheet indicating the category, name of the publication(magazine, newspaper, website) the entry appears in, the name and address of the person to whom the award should be given, and the name and address of the person receiving the CJA membership.

The deadline for submission is July 1, 2001.

Send entries to the Chief Judge:

Pete Tamburro
22 Budd Street
Morristown, NJ 07960.

Questions or problems: Email: ptamburro@aol.com or phone: 973-984-3832.

Magazine Editor Award Categories
Chess Journalist of the Year
The deadline for nominations closes on July 1.
Category 2
Best State Magazine,
Open Division

Limited to the official publication of state chess associations. Enter any three consecutive issues.
Category 3
Best State Magazine,
under 1000 circulation

Limited to the official publication of state chess associations. Enter any three consecutive issues.
Category 4
Best Club Bulletin
Limited to the official publication of local chess clubs. Enter any three consecutive issues.
Category 5
Best Postal Magazine
Limited to the official publication of postal chess organizations. Enter any three consecutive issues.
Category 6
Best New Magazine
Limited to publications, not newspapers, unconnected with lesser organizational memberships, thereby being ineligible for state, club, or postal categories. (This category includes Chess Life, Inside Chess, etc. It could also include electronic serical publications, but does not include a series of books such as the informants.)
Category 7
Most Improved Magazine
Enter any two current-year issues and any one previous-year issue. Include information as to how the magazine has been improved. Open to all magazines.
Category 8
Best Cover
Open to all magazines. Enter a cover that demonstrates how the publication combines the masthead with other graphic elements to put its best face forward. An editor or publisher may enter more than one cover in this category, with each different cover consisting as a submission.
Category 9
Best Layout
Open to all magazines. Enter any one issue that demonstrates how the publication uses headlines, paragraphing, graphics, and printing processes to organize and highlight its material.
Magazine Author Award Categories
Best Regular Magazine Column
Limited to writers of regular magazine columns. Enter three consecutive columns that demonstrate how the columnist consistently maintains high standards. Be sure to include the dates of publication.
Best Magazine Tournament Report
Limited to writers of magazine articles. Enter one article, including any crosstables, photos and games, reporting on one tournament, league, or match.
Newspaper Author Award Categories
Category 12
Best Regular Newspaper Column
Limited to writers of local, metropolitan, or syndicated newspaper columns. Enter any three consecutive columns that demonstrate how the columnist consistently maintains high quality.
Category 13
Best Newspaper Column of Local Interest
Limited to writers of local or metropolitan newspaper columns. Enter three columns that demonstrate consistent coverage of chess generated by local residents.
Category 14
Best Newspaper Tournament Report
Limited to writers of local, metropolitan, or syndicated newspaper columns. Enter one article, including any crosstables, photos, and games, reporting on one tournement, match, or league.
General Author/Artist Award Categories
Best Chess Promotion
Enter one article or column aimed at bringing new people into chess, or increasing the participation of those only mildly interested.
Best Press Release
Enter the original press release announcing or reporting a chess tournament or other chess-related topic. Must identify at least one chess newspaper or other publication that publishes material based upon the release.
Best Human Interest Story
Enter a story, article, column, or anecdote in which the center of interest is not chess itself, but the lives, emotions, and character of the people who play chess.
Best Historical Article
Enter an article that describes the development of chess organizations, activities, styles, or players.

Best Interview
Enter an interview with a chess personality that demonstrates the skill of the interviewer in eliciting instructive and revealing responses.
Best Editorial
Enter an editorial that takes a clear stand and urges a particular course of action in connection with a chess-related theme.
Best Humorous Contribution
Enter any non-graphic material, such as jokes, satire, irony, parody, or exageration, with a chess theme that makes the reader smile, chuckle, or laugh.
Best Review
Enter a review of a single book, play, movie, computer program, etc., that has a chess-related theme.
Category 23(a) [INTERNET ELIGIBLE]
Best Analysis, Openings

Category 23(b) [INTERNET ELIGIBLE]
Best Analysis, Endings

Category 23(c) [INTERNET ELIGIBLE]
Best Analysis, Other
Enter an article that demonstrates deep study of a particular opening, ending, or other type of deep study, such as a complete game, or fragment of a game.
Best Instruction
Enter an article or column that attempts to teach something about chess to average players. This must be something more than a typical annotated game.
Best Cartoon
Enter a single cartoon or a cartoon strip with a chess-related theme.
Best Chess Art
Enter a single work of art with a chess-related theme. The artwork must have been used in some manner other than just as a work of art. The usage must also be submitted.
Best Chess Photograph
Enter a single photograph with a chess-related theme that has been used in some chess-related manner. A stand-alone photograph not used in a journalistic manner is not appropriate.
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