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John Hillery on left
Discussion following annual CJA meeting at the 2009 U. S. Open Championship
Editor John Hillery (left) with Elections Committee Chairman Tim Moroney
and CJA Awards Chairman Jonathan Hilton (right)

JOHN HILLERY, 1952 - 2010

            John Hillery, longtime editor of The Chess Journalist and of Southern California's magazine Rank & File, passed away following an illness of several months.

            John grew up in Massachusetts, became a Master in the mid-seventies, and moved to Southern California in 1981. He served as Assistant Editor of Chess Life in the early nineties. A Life Master, he increasingly concentrated on chess organization in addition to his journalistic duties. He typically organized a dozen tournaments a year (most with side events), most recently the successful Southern California Open.

            His frequent comments on the USCF Forum led him to be labeled a curmudgeon, a title he welcomed. During the Delegates meeting in Irvine this year, his pithy online blog comments led one of the Board members to complain about the difficulty of keeping a straight face while sitting on the dais. John was also a volunteer on USCF's Bylaws Committee.

            John's personality was not conducive to the formation of close friendships, yet he had a great sense of humor and contributed to chess and USCF in many ways over the years. His passing is a particular blow to the Chess Journalists of America, who have lost their president, vice president, and editor in a space of 14 months. RIP.

-- Randy Hough

John Hillery (2009 CJA Meeting)
Editor John Hillery at the annual CJA meeting
during the 2009 U. S. Open Championship

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