Chess Journalists of America

2005 Chess Journalists of America /
Fred Cramer Awards Committee for Excellence in Chess Journalism

Joint Announcement

The following list of prize winners in this year's CJA Awards program was provided by Daniel Lucas, Chief Judge and President of CJA.

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CJA Judging Results for June 1, 2004 through May 31, 2005
Daniel Lucas, Chief Judge

Cramer Award Categories

Category 1
Chess Journalist of the Year
  (by CJA vote)
Frisco Del Rosario

Category 2
Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists

The following three chess journalists were voting into the Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists this year:

  • Andy Soltis
  • Fred Reinfeld
  • Robert Byrne

Category 3
Best Book
1st Igor Khmelnitsky: Chess Exam and Training Guide

Category 4
Best Chess Column, Any Media
1st Dan Heisman: "Novice Nook" at http://www.chesscafe.com

Category 5
Best State Magazine/Editor, Open Division
1st Georgia Chess, Daniel Lucas, Editor

Magazine Editor Categories

Category 6
Best State Magazine, Under 1000 Circulation
1st Georgia Chess, Daniel Lucas, Editor

Category 7
Best Club Bulletin

1st En Passant, Journal of the Pittsburgh Chess Club, Dr. William Hoppmann, Editor

Category 8
Best Correspondence Chess Magazine
1st The Chess Correspondent, Joseph Ganem, Editor

Category 9
Best New Magazine
1st Frisco Del Rosario: Success Chess School Dragon

Category 10
Most Improved Magazine
  No Entries

Category 11
Best Cover
1st David Woolf: Georgia Chess, September/October 2004

Category 12
Best Layout
1st Chess Horizons, Mark Donlan

Magazine Author Categories

Category 13
Best Regular Magazine Column
1st Stephen Whiteman: "Games of the Month", Georgia Chess

Category 14
Best Magazine Tournament Report (tie)
1st Mig Greengard: "2005 U.S. Championship", Chess Horizons, April-June 2005
1st Tim Redman: "'Dean of Chess' Honored at the 2004 Senior Open", Chess Life, September 2004
HM David Glickman: "2004 Boylston Chess Club Championship", Chess Horizons, January-March 2005

Newspaper Author Categories

Category 15
Best Regular Newspaper Column (tie)
1st Bill Cornwall: "Chess: A Knight's Tour", Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
1st Lubomir Kavalek: "Chess", The Washington Post

Category 16
Best Regular Newspaper Column of Local Interest

1st Bill Cornwall: "Chess: A Knight's Tour", Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Category 17
Best Newspaper Tournament Report
1st David R. Sands: "Two Paths Lead to Victory", The Washington Times, 9/18/04

Web-Based Categories

Category 18
Best State Website
1st http://www.georgiachess.org Bill Noyes, Webmaster

Category 19
Best Internet Chess News Site
1st http://www.thechessdrum.net/newsbriefs/index.html, Dr. Daaim Shabazz, Webmaster

Category 20
Best General Chess Web Site
1st Dr. Daaim Shabazz: http://www.thechessdrum.net

Category 21
Best Web-Based Review
1st Dan Heisman: "Rethinking The Chess Pieces", http://www.chessville.com/reviews/RethinkingTheChessPieces.htm

Category 22
Best Web-Based Analysis
1st A.J. Goldsby: "The Record Holder", http://www.lifemasteraj.com/great_chs-gms/gcg_karp-sax_lin1983.html

Category 23
Best Web-Based Instruction
1st Ward Farnsworth: "Predator at the Chessboard: A Field Guide to Chess Tactics", http://www.chesstactics.org
HM Dan Heisman: "A Guide to P-R3", http://www.chesscafe.com/text/heisman48.pdf

Category 24
Best Correspondence Chess Website
1st The Campbell Report, J. Franklin Campbell, Webmaster. http://correspondencechess.com/campbell/

Category 25
Best Web-Based Interview
1st Dr. Daaim Shabazz: "IM Amon Simutowe (HB Global Chess Challenge)", http://www.thechessdrum.net/tournaments/HBCC2005/audio/Simutowe.mp3

General Author/Artist Categories

Category 26
Best Press Release
  No Entries.

Category 27
Best Human Interest Story
1st Mark N. Taylor and Fenice Taylor: "The Dragon Vacation", Georgia Chess, September/October 2004
HM Stephen Dann and George Mirijanian: "Harold Dondis Testimonial Dinner", Chess Horizons, January-March 2005

Category 28
Best Historical Article
1st Olimpiu G. Urcan: "Living the American Dream", http://www.chesscafe.com/text/skittles254.pdf
HM Neil Brennen: "The Process of Creation: Correspondence Play and the Growth of Chess in Texas a Century Ago", http://correspondencechess.com/campbell/articles/a050509.htm

Category 29
Best Interview
1st George Mirijanian: "A True Lover of Chess", Chess Horizons, October-December 2004

Category 30
Best Editorial
1st Howard Goldowsky: "Tournament Entry Fees", Chess Horizons, January-March 2005

Category 31
Best Review
1st Michael Mulford: "Secrets of Chess Transformations", Georgia Chess, March/April 2005

Category 32
Best Analysis
1st IM Michael Brooks: "Annotations", Iowa Chess News En Passant, April 2005
HM Robert F. Keating: "Feature Game," Iowa Chess News En Passant, April 2005

Category 33
Best Instruction
1st Stephen Whiteman: "Why Endings Matter", Georgia Chess, January/February 2005

Category 34
Best Humorous Contribution
1st Matt Traynor: "Putting the Question to the Bishop", http://www.chessreporter.com/hangin_puts_the_question_to_the_bishop.htm

Category 35
Best Cartoon
  No Entries.

Category 36
Best Chess Art
1st Lela Dowling: "Cover: A First Book of Morphy", A First Book of Morphy

Category 37
Best Chess Photograph
1st Tony Cortizas, Jr.: "Harold Dondis Cover Photo", Chess Horizons, October-December 2004

Category 38
Best General Chess Article
1st GM John Nunn: "Proof Games", Chess Horizons, April-June 2005

Updated: 12-August-2005