Advertising policies for The Chess Journalist (effective 10/31/06)


  1. Ad rate $150/page (fractional pages proportional).
  2. All ad copy and payment must be received by the editorial deadline (12/5, 3/5, 6/5, 9/5). If copy or payment is not received by that date, the ad will not appear.
  3. The editor reserves the right to reject any ad for any reason. If an ad is rejected, payment will be refunded.


  1. All copy (paper or electronic) must be camera-ready. We do not provide free design or layout services.
  2. Reasons for rejecting ad copy include, but are not limited to: 1) Inappropriate content (e.g. ads for generic Viagra); 2) Foul language; 3) Actual or potential libel, defined as defamatory factual assertions not provably true.

This Page Last Updated on 30 October 2006
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