Entries Received for Chess Journalist Awards 2015

Category Entry Submittor
Chess Journalist of the Year    
  Mike Klein USCF
Best Story of the Year    
  Endgame Fundamentals ... Sort ofments-sort-of/ Georgia Chess
  How to Catch a Chess Cheater: Ken Regan Finds Moves Out of Mind USCF
  Reconnecting with Caissa USCF
Best Chess Column    
  Novice Nook Dan Heisman
  What's the Question? Glenn Petersen
  The Chess Detective Glenn Petersen
  Looks at Books by John Hartmann USCF
  The Practical Endgame by GM Daniel Narditsky USCF
  Openings for Amateurs Peter Tamburro
Best State Magazine/Newsletter    
  Northwest Chess - http://www.nwchess.com/nwcmag/index.htm/back_issues.htm. Eric Holcomb
  Colorado Chess Informant - http://www.colorado-chess.com/informants.shtml PaulCovington
Best Book    
  The Classical Era of Modern Chess by Peter J. Montá McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
  "For Friends & Colleagues (Volume 1), Profession: Chess Coach” by Mark Dvoretsky Russell Enterprises
  Liquidation on the Chess Board by Joel Benjamin New In Chess
Best Chess Magazine/Newsletter Layout    
  August Chess Life USCF
  November Chess Life USCF
Best Chess Photojournalism    
  Northwest Chess cover December 2014
Eric Holcomb
  The Amazing Game Glenn Petersen
  November Cover Chess Life USCF
  Carauna USCF
  April Cover Chess Life USCF
Best Chess Art    
  June Frontcover Chess Life USCF
  October, 6 - Dan Lucas USCF
  December Frontcover Chess Life USCF
  March Frontcover Chess Life USCF
  April Fool's Jokes USCF
Best Regular Newspaper Column    
  A Knight's Tour Bill Cornwall
Best Regular Newspaper Article of Local Interest    
  Gareyev Repeats at American Bill Cornwall
Best Tournament Report Article    
  Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before USCF
  Fire and Ice USCF
Best Features Article    
  How to Catch a Chess Cheater USCF
  Reconnecting with Caissa USCF
  "Blackfeet to Play and Win" by John McGill, March Chess Life, 22-27 USCF
  "The Thoresen Chess Engines Competition" by IM Erik Kislik, April Chess Life, 38-43 USCF
Best Instructive Lesson    
  Learning Endgames: Novice Nook #159n159.pdf Dan Heisman
  Improving Visualizationsman164.pdf Dan Heisman
  A Microcosm of Life: Knowledge vs Intelligence: Novice Nook #161/chesscafe.com/dan/heisman161.pdf Dan Heisman
  The exd4 Philidor Peter Tamburro
  That Was No Lady ... Glenn Petersen
  The Texas Two-Step or Can You Triangulate? Glenn Petersen
  The Petrosian Ending USCF
  The Openings at Norway Chess USCF
  Beating the Sicilian in 21 Moves of Less wih the Alapin USCF
  The Browne Endgame USCF
  "Sit On Your Hands" by Don Maddox Chess Life for Kids
Best Review    
  Choosing a Chess Engine John Hartmann
  The Cult of Tamburro John Hartmann
  Unwrapping the Enigma John Hartmann
Best Humorous Contribution    
  A. Aldridge (NZ) versus S. Willard (USA): the high-stakes chess match few are aware of... Steve Willard
  Cartoon Caption Contes Winner USCF
  He is virtually unbeatable with black USCF
Best Historical Article    
  The Match That Wasn't USCF
  Our Diamond Anniversary USCF
Best Interview    
Best Analysis    
  The exd4 Philidor Peter Tamburro
  New Tricks USCF
  July Madness USCF
Best [USCF] State Chapter Website    
  ChessMaine DeLuca
Best General Chess Website    
Best Chess Blog    
  Chess Book Reviews: chessbookreviews.wordpress.com John Hartmann
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