2015 CJA Annual Meeting – President’s View
August 7, 2015 -- Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona Biltmore Hotel

2015 CJA Annual Meeting – President’s View

CJA President Joshua Anderson
CJA President
Joshua Anderson

                While there is a delay concerning the 2015 official meeting minutes, I wanted to give everyone a sense of the meeting from my view.  (Another reason to not consider these official minutes is that I will occasionally be adding additional information in parentheses that would be inappropriate in meeting minutes.)

                The meeting, as I understand it, used to be connected to the USCF Publications Meeting and while now separate, the CJA meeting follows the USCF Publication Meeting.  This year, the USCF component consisted of Dan Lucas asking those in attendance about our feelings on the magazine and other USCF publications.  I thought it was very interesting and a nice way for me, who didn’t really know many people to relax and get into the flow of the meeting.

                When the official CJA meeting began, Frank Niro, the outgoing President, introduced me and we went over the awards, how they are run, who won what, how to become more involved in them (if you would like more information, please reach out to me.) 

                We then had an election, where no one was opposed.  Frank then had me take over as President and chair the rest of the meeting.  At this point, I began to go down the list of 2014’s minutes, which I had only seen the day before, so I was poorly prepared to speak on them.  Fortunately, many others had been at 2014 meeting and could give a more thorough report.  This included Al Lawrence who spoke on the CJA/Chess Trust joint project concerning interviewing older chess players.  (Al is quite busy at the moment, but will be speaking with me about this project in the near future.  At which point, hopefully, we can put together a group of CJA members who can be of help to the US Chess Trust in this endeavor.)

                Ryan Velez spoke on what he expects to do upon taking over the website.  He will be migrating us to a webs.com site.  There is much to move and I assume Ryan will do it over a matter of weeks.  (Ryan had other commitments through the beginning of September, but will work out scheduling with J. Franklin Campbell, who has remained an incredibly helpful interim webmaster, over the next few months.)

                Frank then spoke about an arrangement with Jean Hoffman to archive/catalog the books they maintain at the USCF headquarters.  It was reported that the USCF will pay travel, but not time, for those interested in this project.  I know I am certainly interested in this project, and anyone else who also is, please contact me, and we can work with the USCF to put together a more concrete timeline so that this cataloging can be done quickly and efficiently.  He will also be working with Stephan Dann to get a full run of The Chess Journalist together for us.

                I then addressed the issue of an awards chairman and Al Lawrence asked me point blank if I couldn’t do both jobs.  I assured him that I could, and he nominated me for the position.  While I was laughing, this nomination was seconded, etc.  I very much like the job of being chairman of the awards, but if someone is interested, please contact me.  We also decided to put together a committee to meet via skype, so that I might better take advantage of the many years’ experience that quite a few CJA members have.  Al agreed to be on the committee and then took the names of the others kind enough to help out on this front.  (I have since asked Peter Tamburro to join us and he is willing to do so.)

                Randall Hough, the outgoing secretary/treasurer gave a brief statement about our finances, assuring us we do have money in the bank to cover any upcoming expenses.

                Randall Hough, Mark Taylor, and J. Franklin Campbell all served their posts for longer than they planned and we thank them all for their many years of service.  Each will be helping new individuals fulfill their old posts over the next few months.   We thank them for their efforts in this large transition.

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