Report of the Elections/
Ad Hoc Nominating Committee

Submitted to CJA Annual Meeting 7 August 2015

The ad hoc nominating committee did not meet joint, but developed a slate of officers via e-mail and telephone communication. The committee was chaired by CJA President, Frank Niro.

During the past year, three officers resigned pending identification of a suitable replacement. Sincere appreciation for years of hard work and dedication on behalf of CJA are due outgoing webmaster, J. Franklin Campbell; outgoing editor, Mark Taylor; and outgoing treasurer, Randy Hough.

Participants in the deliberations and discussions leading to the proposed slate of officers included Frank Niro, Jeff Roland, Mark Taylor, J. Franklin Campbell, Al Lawrence, Daniel Lucas, Joshua Anderson and Daniel Heisman. Not all of the members participated in all of the discussions.

As always, additional nominations will welcome from the members present at the annual meeting before the voting takes place.

Recommended slate of Officers and Committees (terms expire 2017):

            President – Joshua Anderson (PA)
            Vice President – Neil Brennen (PA)
            Secretary-Treasurer – Jeff Roland (ID)
            Editor, The Chess Journalist – Al Lawrence (NY)
            Webmaster, Ryan Velez (KY)
            Outreach, Frank Niro (KY)
            Ex Officio Chess Life Editor, Daniel Lucas (GA)

All nominees have agreed to serve, if elected.


Respectfully submitted,

Frank A. Niro,

CJA President, 2013-15

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