Prize List for 2014 CJA Awards


Joshua Anderson, CJA Awards Committee Chairman & Chief Judge, has provided the following list of awards for the 2014 competition for best chess journalism, as announced at the annual CJA meeting on 1 August 2014.

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Prize List for 2014 CJA Awards

   Chess Journalist of the Year -- Winner: Brian Jerauld, nominated by Saint Louis Chess Club    Certificate
   Best Story of the Year -- Winner: Sinquefield Cup by FM Mike Klein, Submitted by USCF    Certificate
   Best Chess Column -- Winner: Chess to Enjoy by GM Andy Soltis, Submitted by USCF    Certificate
   Best State Magazine/Newsletter -- Winner: Northwest Chess, editor: Jeffrey Roland, Submitted by Eric Holcomb    Certificate
   Best Book (paper-printed only) -- Winner: Mikhail Botvinnik: The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion by GM Andy Soltis    Certificate

   Best Chess Magazine/Newsletter Layout -- Winner: Chess Life, August 2013, edited by Daniel Lucas,
                     Senior Art Director Frankie Butler, Submitted by USCF    Certificate
   Best Chess Photojournalism -- Winner: Oh no, a blunder!, p. 29, Chess Life July 2013 by Jorge Barrera, Submitted by USCF    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Awonder Liang by Mary Sweeney, Submitted by USCF)    Certificate
   Best Chess Art -- Winner: Endgame by Zena Fairwether, -- Submitted by USCF    Certificate

   Best Regular Newspaper Column -- Winner: Peter Henner in Altamont Enterprises    Certificate
   Best Regular Newspaper Article of Local Interest -- Winner: Strong Inmate Players Play for Stamps by Peter Henner    Certificate

The following categories are open to journalist and publications both in print and those found online.
   Best Tournament Report Article -- Winner: This is Why We Play Chess: The 2013 Louisiana State Championship
                     by Adam Caveney, Louisiana Chess    Certificate
   Best Features Article -- Winner: A Level Playing Board (Disabilities) by Christen McCurdy, Submitted by USCF    Certificate
   Best Instructive Lesson -- Winner: The Fischer Ending by IM Danny Kopec and Daniel Kostovetsky, Submitted by USCF    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Filters and Masks by Dan Heisman, Submitted by Dan Heisman)    Certificate
   Best Review -- Winner: "Dinos to the Slav: Silman on Apple Apps" by IM Jeremy Silman from USChess Online    Certificate
   Best Humorous Contribution -- Winner: Posing by Betsy Carina Dynako (with contributions from Chris Roberts), Chess Life, Feb 2014    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention: Philly Predicts the World Chess Championships from the US Chess Scoop, USChess Online)    Certificate
   Best Historical Article -- Winner: A Rocky-like Chess Bout from the Romantic Era by David Sands    Certificate
   Best Interview -- Winner: Don’t Doubt Danya by Brian Jerauld, Submitted by Saint Louis Chess Club    Certificate
   Best Analysis -- Winner: Annotation of Sevillano - Hilby Game by Craig Hilby, Submitted by Randall Hough, Rank and File    Certificate

The following categories are open only to online journalist and their websites.
   Best [USCF] State Chapter Website -- Winner:, Submitted by Daniel DeLuca    Certificate
   Best General Chess Website -- Winner: World Chess Hall of Fame, Saint Louis Chess Club    Certificate
                              (Honorable - USCF)    Certificate
   Best Chess Blog -- Winner: The Kenilworthian by Michael Goeller    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention:Chess Book Reviews by John Hartmann)    Certificate

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