2010 Chess Journalistof the Year
NM Dan Heisman

NM Dan Heisman

Fellow Journalists: I am deeply honored to be selected the 2010 CJA Journalist of the Year. I am humbled to join a very select group of journalists who have done so much to support the Royal Game throughout the years. I apologize that I am not here in person to accept; I was supposed to attend a cousin’s wedding in Houston this week, but we even had to cancel that trip, as my dog Patches is very ill with cancer.

My thanks and appreciation to all the CJA members for their support both this year and throughout the years. I would like to mention the recently deceased Dr. Ira Lee Riddle and Jerry Hanken. Among the living there are many, too numerous to list all, but I would like to mention Peter Tamburro, Jon Hilton, Bobby Dudley, Leonid Rasin, Dan Lucas, Macauley Peterson, Tony Rook, and Jennifer Shahade, and beg forgiveness from the rest! [more will be mentioned shortly…] Without their support the columns, books, newsletters, videos, and radio would not be possible.

I look forward to the publication of my tenth book, “A Guide to Chess Improvement: The Best of Novice Nook” from Everyman this fall. Thanks to Hanon Russell, Mark Donlan, Mike Montgomery, and GM John Emms for making this work possible. I have learned - and shared - much about how players think and learn chess from instructing and writing Chess Café’s Novice Nook column over the past decade. This column attempts to identify and explain important and effective ideas that are not easily found elsewhere. The name “Novice Nook” is a misnomer – it is for anyone who wants to improve their game - but the name has stuck. This year Novice Nook has won the award for Best Column a second time and in the past has won Best Instruction several times. I sincerely thank the CJA for this recognition as well.

My first CJA award was back in 1979(!), so I have been a member a long time. Having turned 60 this year, that is over half my life ago, but all should take heart that my best years were after the age of 46, when I became a professional chess instructor and author. Wishing that 60 is “the new 40”, I hope to contribute at least a little more over the next few years.

Again, my thanks to all members, and sorry I could not be in attendance to properly express my gratitude. Good health to all.

NM Dan Heisman
Wynnewood, PA
July 29, 2010

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