Nominations received for
CJA Elected Officers (2007)

Following are the candidate statements (limited to 100 words) for the four people nominated to fill the three positions of CJA elected officers, as provided by the CJA Elections Committee Chairman Arlen Walker. Nominations are now closed.

Ballots for voting by CJA members will be distributed in the June 2007 issue of The Chess Journalist.

Jerry Hanken

Jerry Hanken, nominated for CJA President

Candidate's Statement:

"It has been a somewhat mixed blessing but mostly a pleasure to serve as president of CJA for the past almost two years. I have made a real effort to improve the organization through a personal “membership drive" which has significantly increased the number and quality of our membership, as well as our prestige. All committee chairs are filled, and we’ve both streamlined and clarified our awards program. If reelected I hope to work with a like-minded Board to continue to make CJA an organization that earns respect from the chess world."

Ira Lee Riddle, write-in candidate for CJA President

Candidate's Statement:

Since Ira Lee Riddle is a write-in candidate we don't have a candidate's statement for him. However, you can read his announcement at:

Ira Lee Riddle

Ira Lee Riddle, nominated for CJA Vice President (unopposed)

Candidate's Statement:

"I am running for the CJA Vice-Presidency this year. I have served as President for 6 years and twice was in charge of rewriting the by- laws. Throughout my years in CJA, I have proved that I can work with anyone. I would hope that this election is civil in nature, unlike the current USCF electioneering. I ask for your support."

Daren Dillinger

Daren Dillinger, nominated for CJA Secretary/Treasurer

Candidate's Statement:

"Not known outside of CJA officials - Alarming problems have occurred this term. As Vice-president, I’ve seen those who have done much work for chess, BUT misuse their influence and good will. Therefore, with my background* I seek to bring back integrity to the Treasurer’s position. Hough’s eight years with no financial statements AND now refusing access to financial records, is a black mark on us. Despite tolerance from our president – This hidden records policy should not stand!"

*= See Campaign website (with updates):

Randall Hough

Randall Hough, nominated for CJA Secretary/Treasurer

Candidate's Statement:

"I've contributed countless hours to CJA's success by logging receipts, maintaining the membership list, generating labels, coordinating magazine printing and mailing, taking meeting minutes, preparing financial statements and budgets, and maximizing asset interest. Service on USCF's Executive Board helps keep me in touch with journalists and organizers around the country. My opponent has disseminated many scurrilous charges to chessplayers both within and outside CJA, and despite being an officer missed the last three annual meetings. Please give me the chance to continue the Secretary/Treasurer's role in responsible stewardship and making this an organization of which we can be proud."


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