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Chess Journalists -- Then and Now
by Daren Dillinger

The present day Chess Journalists of America is what we go by now. That name change occurred in August of 1980. From 1972 until then, we had been known as the Association of U. S. Chess Journalists. It is not well known that our organizational roots go back to the American Chess Editorsí Association over a century ago.

The September 1885 issue of William Steinitzís The International Chess Magazine mentions the association and goes on to give the names of its officers, with its president P. T. Bull.

Two of Americaís greatest Chess personalities from that era had a hand in the organization. Steinitz served on the committee to draft the organizationís constitution. World Champion Stenitz had come to America just a few years prior. In 1886 the great problem composer Sam Loyd had become Vice-President of the American Chess Editorís Association.

It will be interesting to see where the next century takes us.

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