The CJA is an American organization of chess journalists created to promote high quality chess journalism, to provide assistance
to the working journalist through articles and contacts and to recognize chess journalism at its best through an annual awards program.

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30 July 2014: Archive of old CJA news re-organized

This CJA web site became active in early 2000. As time passed, news stories kept being added to the home page and the page became rather lengthy. Eventually all the news items before 2010 were move to a separate archive page. New there are two additional archive pages for the news of 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. The links to the archive pages are listed at the bottom of the home page and each archive page:

Pre-2010 News   2010&2011 News   2012&2013 News

28 July 2014: The Minutes for the 2013 Annual Meeting is now available

The 2013 Minutes has been added to the Annual CJA Meetings page.

5 July 2014: Entries Received list updated

The list of entries received for the annual CJA Awards competition has been updated and should now be complete. See: 2014 Entries Received

9 June 2014: From the CJA Awards Chairman:

Deadline for annual CJA Awards competition extended to June 30, 2014.

If you wish to send an entry for the 2014 CJA Awards competition there is still time. The entry date has been extended to Monday, June 30, 2014. The original announcement of the awards program is at 2014 Awards Program Announcement and has been updated with this new deadline date.

26 April 2014: Annual CJA Awards Program Announced

Joshua Anderson, the Chairman of the CJA Awards Committee and Chief Judge, has announced the call for entries to the 2014 Annual CJA Chess Journalism Awards. The categories for entries are the same as last year. For the full announcement go to 2014 Awards Program Announcement.

2 March 2014: The Chess Journalist Winter 2013

Interim Editor of the CJA journal The Chess Journalist Mark Taylor has mailed the latest copy of our journal dated Winter 2013. Most members should have received their copy by now. This issue will be made available for download from The Chess Journalist page about March 14, 2014.

25 February 2014: Revisions to Membership List

Several additions and corrections have been made to the Membership List page dated 14 February 2014. Any additional errors/omisions should be reported to the Secretary/Treasurer Randall Hough, His contact information is available on the Directory of Officials page.

14 February 2014: Updated Membership List

Our Secretary/Treasurer Randall Hough has provided an updated CJA membership list, effective 14 February 2014. It is now available on the Membership List page.

Pre-2010 News   2010&2011 News   2012&2013 News

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