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Retired Editor Glenn Petersen
Glenn Petersen

15 March 2017: Glenn Petersen retires

Thanks to Pete Tamburro for providing the following press release.

The Dean of American Chess Editors has retired after a career spanning over fifty years as an editor, organizer, arbiter and all-around nice guy. Glenn Petersen put out his last issue of Chess Life Kids in February and called it a career.

His pioneering work with founding the chess newspaper Atlantic Chess News, back when you actually cut and pasted, led to his landing the editors position at Chess Life, which he did for ten years. Glenns sense of humor was noticeable as he changed his email address to . At the second Fischer-Spassky match, someone held up a copy of Chess Life to Fischer and asked him what he thought. Without even looking at the inside, Fischer replied, Its Chess Lies.

Yours in chess, -- Pete Tamburro

CJA Webmaster Bethany Carson
Bethany Carson

6 February 2017: New CJA Webmaster Named by President

I am pleased to announce that Bethany Carson is webmaster-elect and will be taking over as webmaster for the Chess Journalist of America in the next few weeks.  Ms. Carson will be working with Franklin during that time and then running the website on her own.  Keeping in mind, that we may switch sites at the end of the year, Ms. Carson asks that you send any suggestions for improvements or features to her at

It has been a great pleasure to work with Franklin these past few years.  I am pleased that he will remain around to help with the transition for our new webmaster and then continue to help us with the Chess Journalist of America Awards.

-- CJA President Joshua Anderson

11 January 2017: CJA Membership List Update

The CJA Membership list has been updated. The PDF file can be seen at Membership List.

-- Webmaster

10 October 2016: President's Report on the Annual CJA Meeting

CJA President Joshua Anderson has provided his report 2016 CJA Annual Meeting – President’s View along with a collection of photos taken by Al Lawrence.

See: 2016 CJA Annual Meeting – President’s View. -- Webmaster

29 September 2016: PayPal / Facebook

PayPal logo may now be used to pay for memberships and entries to the annual awards competiton.

        We are excited to announce that the Chess Journalists of America now has its own PayPal account.  The account can be accessed via the Join CJA page - .   The  account can be used to purchase membership into the CJA or for entries into the Chess Journalists of America's Awards.  
        The President would especially like to thank Webmaster, J. Franklin Campbell and Secretary/Treasurer Stan Booz for their help with setting up the PayPal account.
        -- Joshua Anderson, CJA President

CJA has a Facebook page. Check it out at

10 September 2016: Update to Membership List

Since the Membership List is only published occasionally on this web site it was decided to add a new web page with recent updates to the members list (new members, updated information such as renewal date). The first addendum is now available. If you have recently joined or renewed your membership you can now confirm that your information is correct.

See: Membership List Addendum. -- Webmaster

7 August 2016: New Officers Elected at Annual Meeting

Two new officers were elected at the recent CJA Members' meeting at Indianapolis:

Vice President: Mark Capron
Journal Editor: John Hartmann

Also, a little birdie wispered to me that Al Lawrence took some photos of the meeting. Hopefully we'll have some photos and other information from the meeting published here soon. -- Webmaster

5 August 2016: Winners in the Annual CJA Awards Program Announced

CJA President and Chief Judge of the annual CJA journalism awards program announced the winners in the 2016 competition today during the annual CJA members meeting at the U. S. Open Chess Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana. Congratulations to Al Lawrence on being named the Chess Journalist of the Year! To see all the winners go to Awards.

13 July 2016: Judges for the Annual CJA Awards Program

The judges for the Annual CJA Awards Program have been announced. The list of judges along with photos and short descriptions of some can be seen on the Judges (2016) web page. This is a work in progress, so additional entries will be added as they become available.

8 July 2016: USCF Delegates Call available, CJA Meeting Set for 2:00pm Friday August 5

The 2016 USCF Delegates Call document is now available on-line at:

The annual CJA member meeting is scheduled for Friday August 5, 2016 2:00-3:00pm. The meeting room will be posted in the hotel where the U. S. Open Chess Championship is being held (Marriott Indianapolis East in Indianapolis, Indiana). The last page of the Delegates Call document lists the date/time of all the workshop meetings and some other activities ...just scroll to the bottom of that document or click here to view just the workshop schedule page.

24 June 2016: Nominating Statements for CJA Chess Journalist of the Year Award

To read the nominating statements for the three entries for Chess Journalist of the Year go to 2016 CJOY Statements.

21 June 2016: List of Entries Received for Annual CJA Chess Journalism Awards now available

For a complete listing of all entries received for the annual CJA awards program go to 2016 Entries Received list. If you sent an entry and it is not listed here, please notify the Awards Chairman. See the 2016 Awards Program Announcement for the email address.

14 June 2016: Deadline for Annual CJA Chess Journalism Awards

The deadline for entries to the annual CJA Awards competition is here. Send your entries in by midnight June 15th. For full information see 2016 Awards Program Announcement.

21 May 2016: Annual Chess Journalists of America (CJA) Chess Journalism Awards

The Chess Journalists of America once again sends out a call for nominations to our Annual Chess Journalists of America (CJA) Chess Journalism Awards. The CJA awards recognize the best in all facets of chess journalism, print and online. The best chess articles, columns, photojournalism, layout, and online writing are honored within their respective categories.  Recognized annually by their peers, the public, and members of CJA, the prestigious awards showcase American works published in English between June 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016.

For the complete announcement go to 2016 Awards Program Announcement.

20 May 2016: Neil Brennen Resigns

Neil Brennen has resigned his positions as Vice President and as Editor of The Chess Journalist. The Directory of Officials page has been updated.

9 March 2016: En Passant magazine to dedicate next issue to Roger Gotschall

The following message was just received from Mark Capron, editor of the Iowa Chess News En Passant. You can view the January 2016 issue here.

Hello All,

I want to dedicate the next En Passant to the memory of Roger Gotschall (passed away on Feb. 28, 2016).  Please send me stories, anecdotes, pictures that I could use in the En Passant.  If possible please do this over the next week – week and a half.   Thank you.

-- Mark Capron

I have set up a temporary email address for contacting Mark Capron: Mark Capron temporary email address
-- Webmaster

5 January 2016: New Secretary/Treasurer appointed by President

Stan Booz has been appointed by our President to replace our previously elected Secretary/Treasurer. The President appreciates the consultation of numerous elected officials in making this decision and is sure the Board looks forward to working with him over the next year. The Directory of Officials page has been updated.

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